Monday, May 21, 2007

Raegan Jayne Whipple

Yep, she made it! Here's the story...

My mom came out on Monday (the day after mother's day). It was very relieving to know that she was there and going to watch my kids and take them to all the many places I taxi them! The next day I gave her the run down of our routine and the tour of our house. We were all glad that she had that time to get acquainted to everything.

On Tuesday we were all getting a little anxious for the baby to come! Out of desperation, we went and bought Blue Cohosh Root and some prenatals that were supposed to stimulate labor. Well, not much happened except I had to go... a lot more than usual. We tried all the regular methods and I think I lost a few pounds from the vigorous walks my mom led me on! I thought this would definitely do it, but no luck.

Wednesday we did the same thing, long walks, about three shopping trips, and also the herbal remedies. I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day. I thought this would for sure put me into labor, but the wait was still on.

Thursday I gave up on the herbal remedies. I had a good walk with mom and did some shopping. That afternoon the hospital called and said that they needed to push my induction because of emergency births. I explained to them my situation and they took sympathy on me. She called me back and said I could go in early and wait in the waiting room! Well, it didn't sound at all fun to me, but it was better than waiting a week.

That night after dinner I started feeling regular contractions. I told Bri and my mom that I thought it would happen tonight. I have had regular contractions before, but these felt different and lasted longer. Bri went to bed at ten and mom and I stayed up to finish "Gone with the Wind". By the end of the movie (around 11:30) my contractions were getting harder and were about five minutes apart. I debated whether I should go to bed and then just come in the morning for the induction, but mom convinced me to go to the hospital. I was sure glad I did! I woke up Bri and we headed right over. As I was getting in my hospital gown, my water broke. I know from past experience that things go quickly for me after that. I got my epidural and about twenty minutes later started feeling hard contractions! The doctor checked me and I was at an eight. Well, about ten minutes later I needed to push. The doctor came in and after four pushes she was out! I have to say it was pretty intense. I'm sure glad I forgot how intense it can be. The doctor commented on how she preferred the "fast and furious" births. I can't decide which ones I prefer...

I must have been holding my breath because after the birth, I felt myself drifting. It was like I was in a tunnel and I couldn't hear what the doctors were saying. I knew I was going to pass out and just about when I did, I started coming to again. It took a few minutes to realize that I hadn't even seen my baby! It was a little disheartening when the doctor said, "Brenda, hold your baby". That's when I realized that she was laying on me. Needless to say, it was wonderful! I never will forget the precious few moments right after birth when I met my sweet little girl!

I just have to say that I couldn't be happier with how things happened. We named our little girl Raegan Jayne Whipple. She weighed eight pounds and eight ounces and is 19 and 3/4ths inches long. She is perfectly healthy and had no problems with shoulder dystocia. We feel very blessed to have another sweet little girl join our family! It was a hard decision for us to make, whether or not to have a C-section, but Bri gave me a blessing the Monday before and we felt everything would be fine. We were so grateful that it was! Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts!

Getting ready to leave the hospital

Mom and Raegan

Sunday morning Raegan and I finally came home. It's good to be home, but I am definitely missing the night nursery!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tough Decision

I'm faced with a hard decision. I went to the doctor today for my 38th week checkup.
I was a little apprehensive to go because the last three times I have been "checked" the doctors weren't able to tell because my uterus is soooo posterior. Brian asked me if I was excited before I went. I guess I should have had him come in the past and he would have known the answer to that (: . I was really interested to see if I had progressed at all, but I don't think excited was the right word.

First the doctor did the exam, and gratefully she is a six foot tall doctor that has long fingers (: .She apologized, but was finally able to find out. I am dilated to a two and 70% effaced. I was a little surprised that I was only at a 2, but also grateful I hadn't had the baby before 38 weeks.

She then proceeded to tell me the "problem". She asked me if I knew the difficulties that comes along with a baby who has her shoulder stuck coming out of the birth canal (like Ashtyn had last time). She explained that there is a chance that if this baby is close to Ashtyn's size, she could have the same problem. Then if that does happen, she could have a broken bone, nerve damage for the rest of her life in her arm, or worst of all, brain damage. She then asked me if I would like to consider a c-section. She said the chance that some problem would happen is unlikely, but she had to tell me the possibilities.

My first instinct was "no", I decided to just get induced a week early and hopefully she won't be too big by then. She said, "alright, just think about it and go home and talk to your husband about it". I walked away thinking everything will be fine if I'm induced. As I was preparing to leave, the assistant who schedules inductions came up to me and said that I am scheduled for next Friday. However, this is the last day for at least a week that the hospital will schedule inductions because they are remodeling the next week. If there are any emergencies that come up on Thursday or Friday, then they will push me back and I won't be able to be induced until after my due date. There is also a high probability that I will be pushed back.

Well, that is my problem. How do I choose between a probably unnecessary c-section, but also a chance that my baby could have lifetime problems? If I don't go on my own this next week, or the induction doesn't happen on Friday, then I will have to wait too long to have her and she could have problems. Ahh! This is where you need Revelation right? Bri and I talked it over and I think I will wait until Friday to see if I go on my own or if I can be induced. If it doesn't happen, I will probably ask to have a c-section.

I just hope we are making the right decision. It's so hard to know what the future holds or if I'm choosing something that could harm my baby for all her life.
I guess this is where you rely on the Lord...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Baby Girl Number 4

Yes, this is our fourth girl! I know, the profile isn't great, but I guess that's just about what you can get when you're still in the womb (: . I had to ask again to make sure she was really a girl, and yes she definitely is.

Wednesday was my second ultrasound. The doctor wanted to make sure that she wasn't too big, considering that each of my girls have been a pound bigger (Tera 7 pounds 2 ounces, Shay 8 pounds 3 ounces, and Ashtyn 9 pounds 2 ounces).

I didn't know this but I guess Ashtyn got her shoulder stuck coming out. That can be quite dangerous and could cause brain damage. I was a little nervous to find out how much this one would weigh, because the bigger the baby, the more likely there would be another shoulder caught in the birth canal. Well, it turns out right now that she weighs (or so they say) about 7 pounds 13 ounces. Which isn't too small considering I have two more weeks to go, but isn't enough for a c-section. I am quite relieved since I hear the recovery is much more difficult.

Well, all is well and now we are on the clear! I am feeling really big lately and can't seem to find a shirt which doesn't show my belly button about ready to pop. I am actually hoping she comes next week when I am 38 weeks along and my mom will be here. I'm just hoping my ankles make it that long.

As far as pregnancy goes, it has been my easiest, I'm happy to say. So far the varicose veins and the swollen ankles are usually my only complaint. If you want you can talk to my husband about the other groans I have. I will leave that for him though.

I had to swallow my pride and get a picture of my belly.... proof for future generations.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mormon Documentary

Okay, so this post is a little on the serious side...

The last couple of nights I have watched the Mormon documentary on PBS. The first couple of hours was on the restoration of the church and the church members eventually moving to Utah. They focused on polygamy of course, the Mountain Meadow Massacre, Joseph Smith gold digging etc. They made particular mention that there was lack of archaeological evidence of the Book of Mormon. They did mention that the early saints were persecuted, but gave very little details.

The last couple of hours of the documentary focused on the political powers of the LDS church members, the blacks not having the priesthood (and therefore the segregation of different cultures), temple rites, families, missionaries, women in the church, and discouragement of intellectualism.

I came away from the program thinking, "that didn't feel right". Most of the documentary was true about the LDS church, but many of the things that they put in were half-truths. I realized also that the reason it didn't feel right is because the spirit wasn't there. Many of the people who gave their thoughts on the documentary were excommunicated members, who wanted their voice to be heard.
I was grateful for a few heart felt testimonies (Elder Jensen from the seventy) where I truly did feel the spirit in his conversion story.

There were a couple of things that hurt me the most that I thought I would share my thoughts on. One, was their claim that Joseph Smith wasn't inspired by God. They justified the rise of the church to be the boom in the beginning of the 19th century of religion and different ideas. They criticized him of being "too sexual" and a "gold digger". They made him look like a greedy and proud man that was looking for power. How could God appear to a boy of fourteen and how could anyone believe that story? I believe that is one of the most inspiring parts of the LDS religion. I am so grateful that he gave a fourteen year old boy so much responsibility. I can definitely say that he is "no respector of persons".

The other thing that bothered me was that they made it look like the church discouraged intellectualism, brainwashing them when they are young to want to serve a mission and marry in the temple and then degrading women hood.

There is no other church who promotes intellectualism more than the LDS church. I have always felt encouraged by my family and church leaders to pursue an education. The church loves, respects, and encourages women in everything that they do. I am so glad that I am a woman and a mother in our church where I am supported by a wonderful priesthood husband in everything I do.

I hope this documentary did nothing but inspire church members to go out and let the truth be known! I know it sure did for me.