Monday, December 31, 2007

Teralyn's first piano recital

Teralyn had her first piano recital yesterday! Nicole Jensen (her piano teacher), Holly King, and Heather Connor all combined their students for a recital at the Connor's house. Well, it was great fun! All the kids did so well. I was really impressed. I have to say though that I think I was more nervous than Tera. She was so calm through the whole thing while I was just shaking in the chair. Yes, she did mess up on one of her songs, but she calmly started again and kept going.

So, on the way to the recital I remembered my camera, but by then it was too late! I was pretty upset, but luckily my good friend Jenni was there to save the day! Here are some pictures that she took for us....

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas Eve day was actually really relaxing this year. We had everything ready, so we got to relax a little as a family. Then, that night we headed on over to our friends house, the Turpins, for a little fondue. We had cheese fondue for dinner and then chocolate for dessert. We loved it! We have done this a few years now because we are both family less during this time and every year we just have such a great time and eat so much! Our kids had a blast playing video games downstairs and so we had a great evening. We then acted out the Nativity (so sad that I forgot my camera!) and all the kids were so cute! We headed on home and our girls all climbed into bed with Tera (all on the top bunk) and excitedly went to sleep (at least I think they did).

Bri and I watched Elf and laughed all evening while we prepared. The next morning we woke up before our girls (around 5:30), made some breakfast, put it in the oven, and then I went back to sleep (: . Bri finally woke the girls (and their mom) around 7:00 and we had our annual candlelight breakfast before the Christmas rush. We had a great breakfast and then lined up youngest to oldest to go in to Christmas.

This year was one of my favorites so far. The girls didn't rush through things too much, but actually took time to wait for each other a little. They each get three presents from us and then a stocking from Santa. We asked them to wait for their sisters to open their gifts, so they would all do it at the same time, and they did a great job. It was a very fun morning.

These were the gifts the girls got this year:

Tera- American Girl Doll (I know, we splurged a little), world
globe, and Barbie head (you can do her hair).
Shaylee- Barbie laptop, karaoke machine (maybe they actually will have the guts to
sing in the talent show this year. Cross your fingers!), and remote control
Ashtyn- Littlest Pet Shop, Leapster, and a new baby stroller.
Raegan- blocks, more blocks, and turtle push toy

Every year Brian tries to surprise me with a gift. He is convinced that I am psychic or something because I always know my gifts! I actually really try not to know. One year I found the receipt lying in the floor. Well, this year he actually surprised me! he gave me Photoshop Elements from Adobe. It's a program that helps you fix your pictures. I am really excited about it, now I just need a new camera (: ....
But the best part about it was that I had no idea! I even suggested this to him a while ago, but when it came down to it, I had totally forgotten about the suggestion.

As for Bri, he pretty much knew that he was going to get roller blades. He loves them though! He went out on Christmas day and tried them out. He has never had in line skates before and he is determined to learn how to use them. I am quite proud of him because he got my girls to go out on their roller blades too. Maybe they will actually learn how to use them after all.

So, Christmas night we had the Jensen family and Bro. Sethi in our ward for Christmas dinner. We had ham, yummy potatoes (Nicole's), salad, rolls and then caramel holiday popcorn. We just talked and enjoyed Bro. Sethi's stories and then the kids did a little karaoke.

Yesterday, Bri still had time off (he got senior staff the other day at work and therefore has five extra days of vacation a year!!!!). So, we played games all day and then in the evening went ice skating. Ashtyn was begging to go all day, but when she actually got the skates on and realized what she was getting herself into, I think she changed her mind. After a few falls, she did go out again though! Tera and Shay stayed pretty close to then edge for the first hour, but by the second they were actually letting go of the side a little! Raegan and I enjoyed watching from the side and laughing at Brian skating from girl to girl. I think that was his crash course for ice skating. He did pretty darn good though...

Teralyn lost her tooth on Christmas Eve!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Traditions

Some of our Christmas traditions...

We love to go to the Symphony of Lights down by the hospital. Every year we pay the twenty bucks and let our kids get out of their seat belts and the have free rein in the car while we all enjoy the lights. Bri even lets them drive. Yes I know, crazy! But the kids love it and we really enjoy it too!

Gingerbread houses. I know this is pretty much everyone's family tradition, but we started doing this about four years ago and have pictures from every year. One year my bro. who was on his mission here got to do it with us. Way fun! Anyway, we finally finished this tradition this morning. So, we all had quite the sugar high right before church.

Christmas lights at the temple. I love this! Every year it is just the same, but the spirit is so strong and I love that my kids can also feel it. This year was really special to us. The live nativity scene was excellent and even brought tears to our eyes. I really wanted my little girls to understand the true meaning of Christmas and after watching it twice, Ashtyn was begging to go back. I love to take my girls to the temple and just feel the spirit that presides there.

Advent Calendar. Okay so, this is our first year doing this since I just made it this year, but I think it will stick because my kids loved it! We did a scripture advent calendar where every night we would turn over a star and read a scripture about the Saviour. It was a great way to keep the true meaning of Christmas and also a fun way to count down....

And this is one of my kids' favorite tradition. On Christmas Adam (the night before Christmas Eve) Brian sleeps with the girls in their room. He makes a bed for himself on the floor and usually they all end up right next to him. Yes, everyone is tired in the morning, but it is so worth it! My kids love this. Then on Christmas Eve night, the girls get to sleep in each other's beds. It usually ends up with us moving them in the night....

Although this tradition hasn't happened yet, this is definitely my favorite, so I have to tell. Every Christmas morning, Brian and I wake up before the girls and make them a yummy breakfast. We go all out, muffins, fruit cocktail, sausage, quiche, hot chocolate etc. We put up a blanket so they can't see the Christmas room and then we all have a candlelight breakfast before the Christmas rush. When everyone is sufficiently excited, we get in line youngest to oldest and go in.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Raegan crawls!!! Oh, and an accident...

Okay, two things happened this last Wednesday that I just have to write about. One was that Raegan finally crawled! We were so excited. She has been scooting around on her tummy for quite some time now and just the day before, we were wondering if she was ever going to use her knees, but on Wednesday she did! Ashty and I got a cute video of her first little crawls....

That was the good news. The bad news was that that night Teralyn and I had gone to piano lessons and while we were driving home, we came to a roundabout off of Stephen's Road and a pickup truck didn't stop as he was coming into the roundabout and hit us on the back passenger side door. The window shattered all over the back seat and the door was smashed in, but Tera and I were just fine. The driver of the pickup truck said he didn't see us (I'm assuming he thought we were going to turn and not stay in the roundabout). He was actually really apologetic and we were just grateful that Tera wasn't on the other side of the car. So, here are some pictures of our car and our serran wrap that we taped to the window....

It's kind of funny that just the other day I was telling Bri how sad I felt for people who get in wrecks right before Christmas. Yes, it's such a pain to have to get a rental, to find a good body shop, to take off work to get the rental car and take the other car to the shop, to coordinate with the insurance, etc. etc., but just tonight we were saying how grateful we are that it wasn't our fault and that we have never been in a life threatening accident. What more could we ask for right? Especially considering the way my husband drives. At least now I have a good story. (:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Work Christmas Party

Every first Saturday in December Brian's work at the Applied Physics Laboratory has a family Christmas party. Every year we are sooo excited to go! This year they had Dora the Explorer and Boots walking around, they had all you can eat ice cream bars, a yummy lunch and dessert, Santa Claus, face painting, magic show and a one man circus show. Our kids love it and we do too.

This year was a little crazy. There were so many people there, it was almost hard to walk around. Ashtyn even got lost once in all the people and by the time we found her so was crying. Thankfully we got there early though, so we saw the shows and then sat on Santa's lap when the second shows started.

So, my girls have always been a little scared of Santa. I always just expect it. We stand in line the whole time and I make sure they know that they are going to be sitting on his lap and they seem fine about it, until we get there. Then they usually freak out a little. Well, this year was better. It was only Ashtyn that freaked out, so Tera and Shay just sat on his lap.

It's kind of funny that Ashtyn wasn't scared of the gigantic Dora and Boots though and the older girls were. So, we got a picture of the older girls with santa and Ashtyn with Dora and Boots. I couldn't get Ashtyn alone with Dora, so we have a cute little girl who was a little camera shy in the picture with her. (:

All tied up... our Christmas tree that is.

It's kind of a catch up week again. But, I am trying not to do a huge blog all in one day so I will do some over a few days instead.

Every first Family Home Evening in December we go out to get our tree. We have gone to Home Depot every year, and this year we had thoughts of going to cut our own tree down, but as soon as we saw how cold it was, those thoughts were quickly washed away. So, we all headed down to Home Depot on the coldest night of the year so far. Well, because of the great weather, we were just about the only ones there! It made it great for picking out a great tree. After about forty five minutes of looking and turning down (oh, and making a potty trip in the middle), we finally decided on the fattest tree that we could find. We saw our friends from Columbia 2nd ward, the Laws, and they had come and gone before us. Oh well, we felt good about our fat little tree.

A couple nights later we decorated our tree and it looks just like a family's tree with four little kids who live there. We enjoy all the ornaments in one spot in the front. It really gives it character. Well, I guess the tree didn't enjoy it too much though because at 2:30 in the morning we hear a huge crash. Yes, the tree had fallen. I guess it was a little top heavy. Brian decided to tie it up. Yes, our tree is now tied to our wall. At least it won't fall again right?

After five years, and it's over.....

Last Sunday I was released from the primary presidency after being in for five years!! And yes, I have loved every minute of it. Although I sometimes missed getting to know the sisters in the ward, I made some wonderful friends in the primary and loved being with and teaching those cute kids. When I first got in, I thought I would never get used to the two to three hour presidency meetings that we had every Wednesday, but after a while I learned to love them and they became almost my favorite part of my week (: . I have to say though that I definitely have mixed feelings about being released. On the one hand, I am really excited to get enriched in Sunday school and relief society (I know, that sounds weird, but it has been almost nine years since I have been in!). But on the other hand, I will miss the my friends who I have worked so closely with for so long and feeling the sweet simple spirit that you get in primary.

So, about three days before I was released and before the calling was even open, I had a feeling that I was going to be called as the compassionate service leader. I haven't ever envied that calling and was actually shocked when Jeri said how much she loved it, so I quickly pushed the thought out of my mind and tried to ignore it. Well, it kept coming back and then when Jeri got called as 1st counselor in the primary presidency, I leaned over to Brian and said, "I know what my calling is going to be." The next Sunday morning I was called...

Okay, now that I think about it, I think that the Lord knew that I needed a little time to think it over in my head before I was called. I know it won't be easy, but already I have a better attitude than I think I would have if I wasn't a little prepared. I have a wonderful mentor who came before me and I'm actually a little excited for my new calling. Who knew huh?

So, to my fellow ward sisters, If your husband's haven't already blocked our number from the amount of calls Brian makes, then you just better do it now.... (:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Birthday Pie

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and I forgot to get pictures of our yummy meal!! Oh well, maybe next year huh? Anyway, it was a great day and we got to celebrate it with our friends, the Jensens. Every year around this time I get a little sad thinking about our families in Utah and Idaho who are all together. We are the only family on both sides who live far away and we miss out on a lot. Our girls don't even know some of their cute cousins. We try to go back home every other year or so, but it still isn't time enough to really get to know them. Well, it does make me a little sad, but I just have to say that I am so grateful for the wonderful friends and families we have made out here. Thank you for making it easier to be away from our family! That is what I am most thankful for this year.

Okay, on to the other stuff... Bri celebrated a birthday on Friday. He is now 32. We celebrated by me sleeping in (I really didn't mean to) and then we had a very relaxing day (pretty good for black Friday huh?) and went for a fall hike by the Old Savage Mill. We found a beautiful waterfall and the girls all went with Brian right in the middle of it (on a rock of course). They were thrilled about the whole thing and then Bri taught them how to throw (yes, they are just learning). They threw sticks and rocks down the side of the river. Anyway, it was beautiful and such a fun outing. It was a great birthday. Then we came home for lasagna, birthday pie, and ice cream.

So, as a tribute to my Brian on his birthday, these are some of things I love about him...

  • Makes me feel like he has things under control (even when he doesn't)
  • Makes bets with me (and always looses, by the way)
  • Listens to me, even when he's watching the Jazz games
  • Makes me laugh even when I'm trying to be grumpy
  • will go shopping for me whenever I don't feel like it
  • Takes the baby all night if she's not sleeping
  • Lets me sleep in EVERY Saturday morning (even on his birthday)
  • Lets me go shopping for myself whenever I want (:
  • Puts up with my complaining
  • Gives me backrubs whenever I want
  • Loves me even in the morning.
  • Reads to his daughters almost every night (or tells them princess and dragon stories).
  • Never complains about a girls night out (usually pushes me out the door)
  • Always does bathie time!!!
  • Usually remembers to take out the garbage
  • Lets me pick out all his clothes and will wear them just because I like them. (:
  • Works early early in the morning so that he can be home for homework time!!
  • Cleans the whole house for me when we have company.
  • LOVES to be daddy of four girls!
  • Pulls the hair out of the drains on a regular basis
  • Does the girls hair (or at least tries to) on Sunday mornings when I just don't have the time
  • Puts his family and the Lord first in his life.

Love you Bri!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

And yet, another black eye.

You would think that we were over our eye problems, huh? Well, it happened again. Last night Ashtyn was wearing her lovely princess dressup shoes and fell, hitting the banister and causing another black eye.

I'm just a little afraid what people are thinking now. I almost feel like I have to explain to everyone who sees her what happened, "you know, I really don't abuse her!" (although you would think so sometimes when she wants to go with a certain someone in the ward and BEGS to not come back to me!). Oh well, I guess she is destined for black eyes in her life. Oh, and for the record, I was out shopping at the time... (:

Monday, November 12, 2007

Primary program

It's been a crazy week! It seems I am running and running now and never get a chance to sit down with my family anymore. Saturday night I finally got a chance to do that and loved it! We stayed home and did puzzles most of the evening. It was so great to not be running around and it was so fun to spend some time with my girls. Those are definitely my favorite times, the times when I can just sit back at home and enjoy my cute kids and my husband.

We just finished our annual primary program yesterday. It turned out really well. The kids all did a great job and the spirit was strong. I was reminded of how much I love these kids. Everyone of them I have learned to love these last five years. I have thought many times how close they are to the Lord and what a great example they are to me. I am so thankful for the time that I am able to spend with these choice spirits. I feel very humbled that I am able to be in their presence and to help them feel the spirit in their lives.

I also have to say thank goodness for our wonderful primary teachers! Our kids have some great teachers who are always there, prepared and most importantly teach by the spirit. I can't say enough about that. Primary is where we learn the basics of the gospel that will take us up into the youth program and into adulthood. We need great people who will be an example to our kids and teach by the spirit. I think that we have that and I feel so lucky to be in a ward where my kids are learning the gospel not just at home, but they are really learning at church too. What better thing could I ask for for my children? There is nothing more important to me than that. These teachers are helping us bring our children back to Heavenly Father and I am so very grateful for them.

Friday, November 2, 2007

A little bit of everything....

Oh my, so much to write about, where to start.... Feel free to skip to the interesting parts.(:

First of all, this last week Raegan has found out how to get on her knees! Yes, she is rocking back and forth and will soon be crawling. So my house is not baby proofed. I guess I thought I had much more time than I do. It's amazing how fast the time goes with your fourth. I can't believe she is already five months! The other thing that happened this week with Raegan is she tried her first solid foods. She has been eating like crazy lately and is always looking at our food longingly and not quite getting enough at each nursing, so we decided it was time. She actually is doing better with it than I remember any of my girls doing. Her tongue reflux is almost gone and she gets quite a good amount in her mouth (which is really saying something for the first few feedings). Anyway, she is growing up and I am feeling quite sad about it. It seems I was always waiting for the days to pass with my first couple girls and now I am enjoying it so much, I guess because I realize now how fast it goes.
Ashtyn just had to feed her and of course most of it is on her cheeks, I'm really not sure if she got any in her mouth..


The night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins. The girls picked out how they wanted them carved (although Ashtyn wanted a princess and I just didn't feel that creative at the moment) and Bri and I carved them. We then watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin (or at least part of it) and sent them off to bed.

On Halloween day I got to go help Shay with her party during class. It was very fun to see all the cute costumes and especially that Shaylee matched her teacher. They were both cowgirls! I got a cute picture of that. The parade was cute, but I was not very happy with my Teralyn who hid from the camera!! Are we already to that stage?

When we got home from the parade, we put Ashtyn down for a quick nap (she was quite grumpy). Well, I guess I wasn't thinking about the time that she needs to recoop after a nap because we woke her up right before we were going to go trick or treating and she was not very happy. It took everything I had to get her to stay in the picture. Maybe it will be our tradition to get a picture of the older girls smiling and Ashtyn throwing a fit. I just had to laugh because it brought back so many memories of last year and so I took the picture anyway.

This is our first year that our girls wanted to go with their neighborhood friends trick or treating. So, Bri went around with all the girls and I stayed home with a sleeping baby. After a while I woke Raegan and got some pictures. Ashtyn and Bri came home early though because Ashtyn still hadn't gotten over the grumpies... When they were a few houses away from ours she finally decided it was fun and wanted to go back out. That's when we convinced her to stay and hand out the candy, which made her happy.

Tera and Shay had a lot of fun with their friends (and their parents of course) and at the end of the evening sat in a big circle at our neighbors house and examined their loot. Well, it was a good night in all. I am glad it's over. On to the next holiday!

Glasses at last!

I got my new glasses! Yay! No more super glue. I am just glad that they lasted for that week or I would have been in trouble. Here is a picture of them. I had to do it myself (my husband forgets to take pictures) so it's a little crazy, but it works.

Apple Picking

Friday we didn't have school so we went with some friends in our ward apple picking at Lariland farm. It was great. The weather was perfect (a little cool, but sunny) and the apples were so yummy! All the kids ran around in the hay maze first and then we went to look at the "witches" and headed on down to the apple trees. After eating and picking for a while, we sat down on the grass for a picnic. It was such a good out of school activity and the kids had a blast (oh, except for the dogs who scared my kids into the van during the picnic).

Ashtyn loved the apples so much that she had to have one in each hand. She went over to a friend's house afterward and pretty much took over all of their apples too (put her hand over them while they were eating). Shaylee climbed every tree she could get her hands on and Tera had a good time running around with her friends in the maze (while the dog was gone of course). It was a great afternoon. Enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Did someone say eye problems?

First, before I talk about all our eye problems, I just want to say how much I love my friends and their families who have been going through such a hard time right now. We have had an incident with a stranger in our church recently and it has affected so many wonderful people. My heart goes out to them and I am constantly praying for their sweet families. We sure love you and are slowing trying to pick up and move on. It's quite heart breaking to us all.

Well, I thought I would tell about our crazy week. After our incident with Ashtyn last week with her black eye, we have had two more eye problems. The second one happened on Friday evening. I was quite excited because Bri was finally coming home early (after months of working late) and I was going to get a whole bunch of shopping and errands done.

So, first I headed to the library. I got movie (for the babysitting group that we had that night) and got in my car ready to go to my next destination. My glasses were dirty so I took them off to clean them and they just snapped in my hand and the lens flew out in the car somewhere! Well, I am pretty hooked on my glasses. I don't have another option. I can't wear contacts, and I have no other replacements! Ahh! What was I going to do? I freaked out for a second, but then remembered what a handy husband I have (he can usually fix my problems at least temporarily, but also calms me down a little). Luckily, I was close to home so I carefully drove home in the pouring rain and searched for my lens. Bri had a solution, super glue! I was up for it. So, we super glued my glasses together and they work just great. I of course ordered a new pair from that night and prayed that mine would make it for a few more days. So now I am with glasses that are dirty (I'm afraid to clean them for fear of another breakage), and may be a little embarrassing, (at least it's not tape right?) but work just great.

The other incident we had this week was that my little three year old poked Teralyn in the eye three times. I know, I know, why didn't she stop her? I have asked her the same question. The answer was that they were playing around and it didn't hurt the first two times. Well, the third time it did, and it hurt bad! My sweet Teralyn is really not a complainer, but she complained all day that her eye was hurting her. I finally started to realize that it was bad when I asked her if she would like me to take her to the doctor or if she would rather go to the trunk or treat that we were having with our ward last night. She said, "well, I guess we better just go to the doctor". Ok, so this is when I realized it was serious. Bri headed on down to Nighttime Pediatric and Shaylee, Ashtyn, Raegan, and I headed on down to the trunk or treat. Bri and Teralyn would meet us there in an hour or two.

So, the trunk or treat was fun. We invited a family in our neighborhood to go with us and I think they had a good time too. I didn't get any pictures (I was a little overwhelmed), but the kids had a great time. I was just sad that my Teralyn couldn't be there. Finally at the end of the trunk or treating Teralyn and Bri made it. She had a gauze patch on her eye and has a corneal abrasion (a scratch down her eyeball). The doctor said it was one of the worst ones he had seen and was surprised she wasn't in more pain than she was. He put the gauze patch and some antibiotics on her eye and asked us to come in tomorrow for a follow up.

The follow up when good today. She has her gauze off and she still has a red eye, but it is healing quickly and she is feeling much better.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Black eyed Ashtyn...

We are having a few problems with church. Well not exactly with church, but with after church. This is the problem. It takes me a while to get my things together after primary. We have to wait for all the boxes and folders to come in, we straighten and put away all the chairs, we clean up from our sharing times etc. Well, while we are doing this, Bri rounds up our kids and drops them off in the primary room with me. Then he leaves and cleans the chapel and empties all the garbages, oh and usually finds someone to talk to. While he is doing this, and I am getting my things together, there is a party going on in the primary room with all the kids who are waiting for their parents. Kids are everywhere. Kids are on the podium, on the piano, on each other and especially in the cupboard with the secret treat that isn't really a secret anymore (does this remind you of a Curious George book or what?) Well, it doesn't help that they all pretty much missed their afternoon naps too.

So, after yesterday, I now have proof of how bad it is. Ashtyn has a black eye. Yes, she was running around and got in a huge collision with about two other kids and got a head bunt right in the eye. Okay, so we have had multiple family home evening lessons on reverence and I don't know how many times I have asked my kids not to run in the church. Hmmm.... you think they would know by now huh? When we asked Shay what primary was on today she even said reverence. That was pretty ironic. Granted, Ashtyn did say she was sorry for running after it was all said and done. I wonder if she actually learned her lesson. We shall see next week huh?

I now need another method of rounding up my kids, since this one isn't working. Keep in mind that my family and I are usually the last ones out of the building (or at least close to it). If you have any suggestions, please let me know. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures... (:

Sunday night

Monday morning

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hooray for food storage!!!

I went to a beautiful baptism yesterday for Alyssa Walburger and Darina Pierre-Louise. Alyssa has been such a great example to Darina and invited her to church for quite a long time. Now they both have testimonies and were able to get baptized on the same day. It was a wonderful baptism and I'm so proud of those little girls. It just goes to show that anyone can do missionary work.

Okay so, I have been feeling a great push to get my years supply of food storage. Partly because when my mom came out she saw how piddly it was and started worrying about us. Then, my in laws came out in August and I guess they felt the same thing so they decided to send us some money to get a jump start on it. I guess I can't delay this any longer huh? In the past I have had about a two month supply, but definitely not a years supply, so here goes....

I have to admit that it scares me a little. I know that sounds weird, but for so long I have heard of getting years supply and in my mind I see buckets and buckets of wheat that I never use because I don't have a wheat grinder and I hardly ever make bread.... Hmmm.. The water also scares me. I have to clean every container I use with bleach and then make sure it's in a safe container that won't leak and also find the space for all the water. Well, I decided that I just have to do it and if it goes into our unfinished bedroom (that we have the plans to finish in the next year) then so be it.

So, after the baptism I quickly fed Raegan and headed down to the church store house to do some dry pack. I got there a little late, but they were just starting so it turned out fine. I ended up with 34 #10 cans of food! Yay! I can't believe I'm so excited about food storage.

I guess the thing that I need to remember is that you need to get food storage that you actually use. Then you can rotate through it and you won't waste those buckets and buckets of wheat that you have. So, if anyone wants to go again, we can make reservations every 3rd Saturday with our stake. Just let me know and I would love to go again!

Well, we finished our dry packing about 4:00 and I rushed home because I needed to rescue my two younger kids from Brian who was taking the two older ones to a birthday party. He gave me a call and said he would feed Raegan (which she hadn't eaten since 11:00!) so I wasn't too worried about her. Well, I rushed to the Columbia Sports Park where they were miniature golfing and finally got there about 4:30. Turns out that Bri forgot to bring the bottle for Raegan and so she hadn't eaten four five and half hours! She was smiling though and looking quite happy. How does he do it? Anyway, we had a fun evening and even Ashty got to golf (which she loved!) and then I finally got home and crashed at 7:00 after being gone since 9:30 that morning. Whew, what a day!

The other day Raegan turned five months. I had little Selena Obering over that day who was loving to hold her. So, here are some pictures of Raegan and Selena on her five month birthday....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Legend of Holly Claus

I just finished reading a book that Sarah Brown reccomended to me about hmmm... six months ago? She gave it to me right before Raegan was born and well, I just barely finished it. Mind you, I had a little bit going on in my life. Now that things are back to normal (at least sometimes) I find time to read again and I am loving it!

Well, the book is called The Legend of Holly Claus. I have to say it was a little hard for me to get into because I just couldn't think about Christmas when it was ninety degrees outside. Well, turns out it wasn't really about Christmas and it was quite fun to read. The whole basis of the book was on faith and letting go of fear. At the same time it was entertaining and a book that I could read again (which I rarely do).

Anyway, thank you Sarah for the book and for letting me keep it for so long! Oh, and Cami I still have your books and will return them.... next year or so. (:

Friday, October 12, 2007

65% of people spend more time with their personal computers than their spouse...

So the other day I read or skimmed, rather, an article that said sixty something percent of people spend more time with their personal computers than their spouse. It made me laugh and I thought, "hmmm... we'll never be like that. I like my spouse too much".

Well, I think it has happened. Since we got our new computer, we now have two computers up and running at our house, so that means we can both be on at the same time. Okay so, I am not really into the lastest and greatest of everything, but Bri has been wanting this computer for so long and I thought he deserved it (since everything we buy is usually for me). Of course, I didn't want a new computer, I mean who would want to spend my days blogging or checking email, or even shopping. (:

Well, to be honest, it's been great, but I am not sure if it's improving my relationship with my spouse or not. Of course the obvious answer would be that it's not. Why would it be? I mean if I spend less time with him than it's got to be doing the opposite right? Well, actually it very well could be improving it. When our kids are in bed at night we each go to the computer, do our blog or our programming (he's doing it for fun at home since he doensn't get to do it at work), and we are enjoying our time with eachother (in the same room, does that count?). Instead of being resentful that the other person is on the computer when we need or want it, we can both be on at the same time. The other thing we used to do is not get on it at all in the evening because that would mean one person is stuck doing laundry or bills and the other is doing email, blogging, or programming (the fun stuff). Well, now we have the best of both worlds and we are doing it together.

Don't get me wrong, we still enjoy eachother's company, but not until we have had our time with the computer. (:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Shay's Kindergarten Adventures

Shay came home with a huge rip in her shorts. She said it happened on the playground today, poor girl. It was huge, right on her bottom. Then, when we got home, I was searching her backpack for papers and found a note from the school nurse. Apparently, she had gotten kicked in the head today, but no serious bruises (as stated by the nurse). So then, at dinner time we were talking and she said, "I was sad that a few people in my class didn't like my hair today." I asked her what she was talking about and she said that a few kids in her class told her they didn't like her braids. Well, after prodding it a little, I found out that her teacher said she liked her hair and asked the rest of the class if they liked it and most raised their hand, but some didn't. What a tough day!

Well, despite everything that went wrong, I was surprised by her attitude. It made me laugh to see a huge hole in her shorts and we even walked today home from school, but she wasn't too embarrassed, she was mostly sad that her favorite shorts were ruined. I was actually relieved that they had a hole, I was getting a little sick of them. She didn't even complain about her kick in the head, but asked me if I got the note. She also didn't seem too bothered that the kids didn't like her hair, but she was more happy that her teacher liked it. Hmmm..... who knew?

I'm just realizing that every day is an adventure with Shay. Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring (:

Sunday, October 7, 2007

General Conference Weekend

This weekend was General conference. I love having Dish Network because we get to stay home as a family and watch it on television. It was wonderful, as it always is. We sustained Elder Eyring as our 2nd counselor in the first presidency and Elder Cook as the new apostle.

I also have to say that it was great to have a little rest from all the Sunday activities. We all slept in (or at least I did) and we made our traditional chips and seven layer dip. Very relaxing and enjoyable weekend and now I have a million things that I need to work on too. (:

Tonight I heard a funny conversation between my girls, I thought I would share. They were all in bed and I went up to put something away and heard them talking, so I had to stop and listen...

Shay, "Tera, will you please go get dad?"

Tera, "No Shay"

Shay, "Why Tera? I need him!"

Tera, "No, it's too scary."

Shay, "Our closet isn't scary Tera, and our house isn't creepy."

Tera, "It's not our house that's scary Shay, it's getting dad that is scary."

Shay, "Please Tera, will you go get him?"

Tera, "If you're not scared, then why don't you go get him?"

Shay, "Will you go with me Tera?"

Tera, "No Shay."

Shay, "But, I really, really need him Tera, please?"

At this point, I was laughing too hard to keep quiet anymore. I came downstairs and told Bri and he made his way up there to a daughter who acted like she would die if she didn't talk to her dad, but when he got there, couldn't think of what to say... figures. (:
Gotta love kids huh?

Just some pictures of Raegan after bath

And rolling on the floor...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Work work and more work... oh, and a computer.

When Brian first got his job at the APL he loved it! We couldn't have been happier with it. He was doing computer programming and working on interesting things (Tomahawk missile). It had great benefits and he never had to work longer than forty hours a week. He was very content.

>Well, about three years later, they asked him to be project manager. At first he refused because he wanted to be doing technical work. They promised him that he would still have time for that, but just a few more responsibilities. Well, turns out he had a LOT more responsibilities and no time for programming. He really didn't enjoy it and to top it all off, there was no pay raise, but just a huge hike in responsibilities. As a result, he switched groups at the lab hoping to start over and work on some things that he enjoys.

Things were going great again for about half a year. He was really enjoying work again and he was also learning some great stuff. After a while, his supervisor came to him and asked him to take over as a project manager. Of course he said no, this was why he switched groups in the first place. He wanted to do technical work. He supervisor said no one else in the group could handle this and he really needed Brian to step up. He promised him it would only be temporary and that he would spend most of his time programming. After some convincing Brian agreed thinking it would only be a temporary change. Of course, it wasn't. It has now been about a year and we are back to Brian really not enjoying his job! He sits in meetings all day and is basically the liaison between the sponsor and the APL. It also means many many more hours at work and time away from his family (which he HATES!).

If you really know Brian, you will know how hard it is for him to be away from us. He is definitely a family man (loves to be at home with us) and does not enjoy putting extra hours in if he doesn't have to. He keeps reassuring me that he is not becoming a workaholic, but that it will be over soon, and if they don't take him out soon, he will switch jobs. I just keep hoping he's right because he has been working about ten hours a day lately and sometimes on Saturdays too! Okay, I probably have no room to talk. I know there are husbands out there that do this on a constant basis and moms that have to take care of the kids and the house without their husbands around. Ahh!!! I feel for you!

Brian hasn't been quiet about his feelings at work. His supervisors know how he feels, but he gets the feeling that they are hoping he will stay. So the other day he got a bonus. Of course we were happy about it, but I'm just hoping this isn't their way of trying to get Brian to feel obligated.

Now we are to the point of my story. Bri has been talking about a new computer for so long. We always put it off, but we finally decided to do it with his bonus and we are getting an iMac. It will be so nice not to have to fight over the computer with my kids (yes, they are on it more than I am). Bri ordered it about five days ago and I wished that we had gone to the store and bought it because he is constantly checking the order status! It is all he can talk about. Okay so last week all I could talk about were mice, but that's different story. I am just hoping it gets here soon.

Okay, right when I finished that, I got a knock on my door... yes, the Fed Ex man! (:

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Horse Riding Lessons???

So, about a year ago we started talking to Teralyn about what she would like to do (as far as activities). She is not so thrilled with sports and we didn't have a piano yet, so there wasn't much to choose from. We had already tried ballet and liked it, but it wasn't something that we thought would hold for her. Anyway, after thinking about it for a while, we decided it would be fun to get her into horse back riding lessons. Yes, I know, EXPENSIVE! Well, we called a few places and realized how much it was and then put it off.

It has now been over a year since we promised Teralyn that she could take lessons. When we moved to our current house, she befriended a girl in her first grade class who became her best friend. Of course, she rides horses. To top that off, she has also become really good friends with a girl in our neighborhood who takes horse back riding lessons. We didn't stand a chance after that. Finally, after promising for quite a while, we decided to check it out. Every Saturday afternoon at the Columbia Horse Center there is a free lesson at 1:00. So we met there, (Brian had to meet us since work has been a little crazy lately) and the girls (Teralyn and Shaylee) got to take an hour lesson on horse back. The girls had a blast! We were wondering why in the world we ever payed for a little horse ride for about five minutes which costs about five bucks, when we could have come here. It was great! Well, maybe a little too great. By the time they were done, we had no chance of getting out of it. Actually we had a small one... we had told Tera all along that if she wanted to join she could, but we really had no intention of Shay joining (she has basketball). We made it clear to Shay that she would have to wait and she was very sweet about it. She knew from the get go that it was just for Tera.

Okay so, it was so hard to resist. When we saw how much they both enjoyed it (which is saying something for my girls who are scared of butterflies!), and how sweet Shay was about waiting, we broke our self control and let both of them join!! Yes, it costs quite a bit, and right now we are broke, but Bri just keeps reminding me about Shaylee's genuine smile when she realized that she was in too.

The program that they are in is called Pony Pals. A parent has to lead the child around through the whole lesson. Since one of us has to stay with our other two kids, there is someone from the horse center who leads one of our daughters. Bri went on Friday with the girls and they had a great time. Tera was a little nervous at first, but once she took charge, the horse started trusting her and she did a great job. Shay was confident through the whole thing. Shay's horse was Tugboat and Tera's was Penelope.

We shall see how long this will last, but we are having fun while it does.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A mouse in my house!!

Okay, so this last week has been a little crazy. I am relieved it's over. Let me recap it.

As you know, Teralyn's birthday was Monday. So on Tuesday, Raegan turned four months (I will put some pictures in at the bottom) and Brian left for Boston (a business trip for a few days). So that night I was sitting at the computer and wouldn't you know it, I hear a mouse eating something under the piano!!! I could have died! I detest mice more than anything in the world. One time in our apartment in Logan I saw one and I grabbed Teralyn and waited all day on the couch for Brian to get home! Well, I guess it was just my luck that the day that he left, I find a mouse in my house. I quickly ran upstairs and of course dreamed all night about it and couldn't sleep. I even put sneakers on to feed Raegan in the night. Ahhh!

Well, Wednesday morning we walked to school and then I went to presidency meeting until 12:00. Then I came home and put Raegan and Ashtyn down for a nap and stayed upstairs until I had to pick up my other girls at 3:30. That night we had to be home because we were taking someone dinner (I just made sure I wore tennis shoes all day). I was planning on going to Target to get some traps, but my kids were tired and hungry so I decided I could wait one more night.

I called Bri that night to let him feel my pain (I don't really think he did though, he has no idea how much I hate mice!). He assured me that it wouldn't go upstairs though so I was fine to be in our room. So I quickly rushed to bed, where I was safe, thinking I could get a few chapters in my book read before going to sleep. Wouldn't you know it, the mouse decided to join me and just when I started reading it ran into my room and up into the loft!!! By this time I was going crazy! I turned on a light downstairs, hoping it would go down and jumped into the middle of my bed and prayed it wouldn't come in with me! There goes another sleepless night. I did finally fall to sleep, but only to dream all night about Ratatouille.

So far I hadn't told my kids about the mouse. I figured it would scare them too much. Well, the next morning we were eating breakfast and we hear the mouse eating too, and loudly!! The girls freaked out and ran upstairs. I assured them that they would be gone most of the day and I would buy a trap and get it. The problem was, I was secretly scared to death to set a trap! I knew that if I actually did catch the mouse that I wouldn't be able to get rid of it. I didn't let them know that though. Well, after preschool, Astyn, Raegan and I went to Target and got about 20 mouse traps and then went out to lunch (there was no way I was going home if I didn't have to). We stayed quite a long time at McDonald's play land and finally I decided it was time to get Raegan down for a nap. Right after school Shay had basketball. I was very relieved that we had one more thing to keep us away. We finally came home, ate a quick dinner and then Bri called. He was able to change his flight and was coming home two hourse early (for fifty extra bucks, but it was worth it!!). When I got my kids in bed, Bri came home about an hour later and I have never been so happy to see him! He set the traps for me (: and examined the whole house.

Well, turns out, we have no idea what happened to him. Since that morning I haven't heard or seen another sign of a mouse in the house. All of the eighteen traps we have set haven't been touched and there is no more munching under the piano. Yes, we did see where he has been hiding out, but who knows what happened. I am beginning to think that he is dead... Hallelujah. Now the problem is, where is he dead?

Okay, so on the better topics, Bri and went on a date on Friday and saw Hairspray! I loved it. Bri is not really a musical kind of man, but he enjoyed it too... I think. We had a great time and it was so nice to be on a date with my hubby!

Saturday we had a half sleepover birthday party for Teralyn. It started at five o'clock and went until ten o'clock. Yes, five hours. We also had every single one of the thirteen girls come that were invited. It was a little crazy at moments, but turned out great thanks to Brian's Twister tournament. Whew! I never have enough planned for these things.

First we had a fun craft where we filled sand into pens, necklaces, and bracelets. The girls loved this, but it went a little too fast. Next we had pizza and listened to the High School Musical CD. Then Bri made up a little Twister tournament, which they loved! Then, we went out for a pinata (what's more fun than a pinata right?). We then came in for presents, cake and ice cream and then finally went downstairs with pillows, blankets and pj's for a movie. We timed it just right and parents showed up right when the movie finished. Tera had a blast, but she did say once, "I think you guys are more excited for my party than I am." She was probably right about that one (:

Sunday I had to give a talk on Tragedy or Destiny. Okay, so it has been five years since I have given a talk in Sacrament meeting! Yes, I knew it was going to be my turn any day now, so I wasn't too surprised when I was asked. I had prepared it last Sunday, (thank goodness since I spent the whole week stressing about mice and birthday parties), so on Sunday I just reviewed it with Brian to see if it made sense. Well, it wasn't as terrifying as I remember and it turned out fine. Here's hoping for another five years right?

Raegan at four months

Things I love about Raegan

*She loves to blow raspberries.
*She grunts when she's not happy.
*She gives awesome smiles!
*She loves to giggle when I play patty cake with her (:
*The nurse one time told me that she is the strongest baby she has ever seen (she was trying to take a rectal temperature).
*I was also told by a pediatric nurse once that she has the loudest scream she has ever heard from a baby!! (pretty good Raegy!)
*She breaths in loudly when she's excited.
*She loves her binky, but prefers her fist.
*She drools so much that sometimes I have to change her outfits three times a day.
*Speaking of changing outfits, I usually have to change mine about twice a day (due to spit ups).
*She rolls onto her belly when we put her down for a nap.
*She has at least one blow out a day (call me if you need advice on how to get poop stains out).
*She has big and alert bright eyes.
*She sticks out her tongue when she smiles (even in her ultrasound).
*She balances on hands quite well (that one's from Brian).