Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa visit and School Begins

So I'm playing catch up again.

It's been a busy, crazy, but fun month. We had cousins out for a week and then the next week we were all so sick! Not fun at all! Especially since Raegan had it too, she is just barely getting over it (some stomach flu). Well, after our week of sickness and a fun, but busy, primary quarterly activity (carnival), we had a week visit from my wonderful in-laws! It was probably the first time that I have spent so much alone time with them and it was really fun to get to know them better. My girls especially loved it because of course they got spoiled (they only get to see them about once a year). They made it clear right from the start that they didn't want to wear us out, but mostly wanted to spend some time with us. That was great to know since my kids were still struggling with the sick. We decided to take each day as it comes and hopefully coincide with the weather.

Here's a summary of our week. Saturday night we spent our time reacquainting. We had some Chinese take out and went to bed at a decent time (I was exhausted from a big day of primary quarterly, baptism, baby shower, and of course cleaning my house for my in-laws!).

Sunday we went to church and played games.

Monday we went shopping and that night grandma and grandpa took us to Golden Corral(so he could spoil the kids in the dessert section.... so he says (: ).

Tuesday was rainy so we took turns going to the temple. It's been, I don't know how long, that I have gotten to go with my husband! It was great and Raegan was great for them!

Wednesday we went to Antietam. It was a perfect day and despite the fact that we were on such a bloody battle field, it was beautiful! Grandma and especially grandpa loved this part of the trip! The girls were great because they got to watch Little House on the Prairie on the way and back (their favorite shows!).

Thursday we decided to do something for the girls, so we went to the zoo. The weather was great for this too and the girls had a great time. Thank goodness they didn't have to take a potty break though because grandpa and grandma spent most of their time there looking for the potty! Yes, they finally found it, but it took all of going to the amazon and back to get there.

Friday was meet the teacher day at school. Shaylee, Bri and I got to go alone to meet her kindergarten teacher and see her classroom. Her teacher is Mrs. White and she has Calvin Hirschi from our ward in her class. Everything went great. Shay seemed really excited and comfortable. I was surprised how emotional I was though! You would think that my second would be much easier, but it still pulls your heart strings!

We had a picnic at the park for lunch and then it was Teralyn's turn to meet her teacher. Tera's teacher is Ms. Martin. I think she will be a good teacher. We were sad that Tera's best friends aren't in her class. She has a good attitude though, and I think she will make friends easily. It looks like it's going to be a good year.

That night we had a little birthday party for grandpa and Teralyn (since they won't be here for Tera's b-day in September). Grandpa got a lot of nuts and sunflower seeds and Tera got a Willow Tree angel girl praying (she told grandma she wanted something breakable).

Saturday we braved the heat wave and decided to go to Mount Vernon (George Washington's home). Boy was it hot!! We barely made it from the museum to our car. Yes, we did go see the home, but when Ashtyn threw a fit and Raegan was screaming, Bri and I and the two younger girls stayed on the back porch looking over the Potomac. We had been in the home a few times before, so we weren't missing much. The highlight for the girls though was the mule and the horse that we saw on our walk back. I think they actually enjoyed the trip when all was said and done!

That night we put the girls to bed and then ordered sea food. No one touched the oysters and they didn't care for the scallops, so we had a lot of uneaten sea food at the end. The crab legs and steamed shrimp were awesome though!

Sunday, church again and our last night together. We all said our goodbyes and wished them well on their car trip back to Utah! The girls were sad to see them go, and we were too! It was wonderful to have company for so long and Bri got to take the whole week off also. I have especially missed them this week while my older two girls are in school and Bri is back at work!! Oh, and it's been great to have a babysitter around the house! We miss you grandma and grandpa!!

School Begins!!

Well, it was a rocky start to kindergarten! Bri and I were wakened by Shaylee at about six in the morning. She was crying and we thought it was because she missed her grandparents. We sent her back to bed with a hug and a kiss. Well, when she finally got up for school about an hour later, she was still crying. She got out of bed on her hands and knees, complaining her side hurt and she couldn't walk!! Of course, we knew it was nerves, but I think she really thought she was dying! Brian was pretty upset and told her to stop pretending. Being a little more sympathetic, (: I had a talk with her about how every kindergartner is new, not just her. I think something finally clicked and she was actually able to walk to the breakfast table. Leave it to the mom huh?

There were still a few more tears but we finally made it outside for pictures and then for our walk to school. It was probably the longest walk to school I have ever made. We looked quite the sight with Tera about a block in front, Dad, Raegan, and Ashtyn in the middle and then trailing at the end mom and Shay. By the time we got to school though, many of her fears dissipated and she was actually smiling (at least for the pictures).

It turns out that kindergarten is not all that bad. Who would have thought? It actually is really fun and, coming from Shay, "I love it?" Well, it was a great day for both girls. Shay wouldn't stop talking about all the fun things they did (weird for Shay), and Tera said she met up with her friends at recess. Ashtyn didn't seem at all bothered that they were at school and we had a fun day with each other. We even played Hullabaloo! Yes, we did the funky dance too.

The mood changed a little yesterday though when the girls came home from their second day. Tera seemed just fine, but Shay was sad. After a while they went out to play and Shay came in crying, saying she doesn't have any friends. After a while of coaxing, I got out of her that on her way to class that morning, she lost her sister and got pushed in the crowd, and couldn't find her class! She started crying and didn't know what to do, but after wandering around for a while, she found it. Tera felt bad for not staying with her, I think she forgot in the excitement. Shay also said that a boy at school yelled at her for touching his towel at rest time and then pulled her hair! Can a kid have a worse day?

Well, I think Shay will be okay. It's these kinds of things that make her stronger right? I just keep having to tell myself that. I guess I can't shelter them from bullies or problems that come their way forever. I just hope I can teach her how to cope and handle them. We shall see...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Coombs Family Visit and Ashtyn Turns 3!

The Coombs family (Brian's oldest sister, her husband, and four kids) came to visit last week and we had a great time. Let me recap our week...

On Wednesday we picked them up and had a relaxing evening at home to give them a chance to rest. We also had a yummy BBQ and the girls were reacquainting themselves with their cute cousins.

On Thursday we went to Sandy Point and played in the beach! It took a little while for the kids to get excited about it all, but after a few hours, we were ready to go and the kids seemed to be just getting started. I was a little nervous to take a newborn to the beach (I've had a few bad experiences), but Raegan did wonderful and hardly made a peep!

When we got home, we had some yummy stuffed shells, a tradition in our family for visitors, and then all the kids had baths. The girls all slept downstairs and of course they loved that. It took them a few hours to fall asleep, but you just can't beat a good sleepover with cousins right?

Friday we went to D.C. and wore the kids out! Actually it pretty much wore all of us out. The kids were troopers though and we got a lot of looks with all of our eight kids and some funny comments, but it was great. Especially since Josh (their oldest) had been so sick and right when we got to the National Archives (after spending a heck of a long time in line) he had to run to the bathroom to puke! Yes, he and his mom and dad missed the whole exhibit! We were so sad, but also sad for poor Josh. The rest of the day was good though and Josh told me that he was "past tears" when he saw the Lincoln Memorial. (:

The kids all zonked out when we got home, but Bri, Tamara, Steve and I stayed up and talked. Yes, it was late and we were crazy, but we rarely get to see them, and we had a lot of fun reaquanting.

Saturday was Ashtyn's 3rd birthday! Our plans were that everyone would go to the National aquarium in Baltimore and Raegan and I would stay home and make birthday cake and birthday dinner. Well, they all left, but about two hours later they were back home. The aquarium was full and they would have to wait at least two hours to get in! They decided to go to Barnes and Noble instead and the kids had fun at a story hour and they each got to pick a book.

We decided to take it easy that evening and have a little party for Asthy. We had her favorite, home-made mac and cheese and watermelon. Then we unwrapped gifts and had cake and ice cream... We had another night of giggles from all the girls downstairs and we stayed up and watched a movie.

Sunday we went to church, came home and ate, and headed to the temple. It rained so we didn't get too much time outside, but I think they got some good pictures anyway.

Monday they decided to try for the aquarium again. This time it was a success! The kids all had a blast and many of them said they wanted to grow up to be dolphin trainers. Raegan and I stayed home again (I've seen it four times!), and mostly I tried to stop her crying... it was a hard day for her. I think she's trying to catch up on sleep. Anyway, the kids had a great time so that made it all okay. We went out to eat at Three Brothers that night and then came home and went to bed early.

The Coombs fam left at 5:00 a.m. yesterday morning and I have to say I've been quite sad. It is so nice to have company and someone to talk to during the day. Oh, and another great part is having my husband home to help with the kids. (: The girls LOVED having their cousins here too and got close to them! Shay came up to my room at about 5;30 a.m. crying because her cousins were gone! That's when you know they will be missed.

Thanks for the visit Coomb's family and we sure miss you!