Friday, July 27, 2007

Flashback Friday...

Yes, it's been a while since I have written so I have quite a bit to catch up on. Feel free to skip to the interesting parts if you wish (:

Eighth Anniversary

Last Sunday (July 22nd) was our eighth anniversary. Pretty exciting huh? Well, I think it is because when we first got married eight years seemed so far away. I remember my oldest sister telling me that they were going to be married for five years (this was about eight years ago) and I couldn't believe that they were that old and had lived together that long (: . Now I can't believe how fast the time has gone for us. It seems like yesterday that we were still friends in college.

Well, I was really hoping to go out to the new Harry Potter movie (I know, big splurge huh?) we were going to bring Raegan with us (crossing our fingers that she would be good) and get a babysitter. Well, I tried and tried, but it seems all the girls were either at youth conference or on vacation. We finally resorted to a night in at our kitchen table with ribs from Red Hot and Blue and it was great. Especially since we didn't have to pay the tip. (:

Since today is flashback Friday for most of my blogging buddies, I'm going to throw in a an engagement picture. I know, we look like we where seventeen huh? I guess it has been a while...

Shay's First Lost Tooth

Last Saturday Shaylee finally lost her first tooth! It had been dangling there for quite a while and Brian tormented her every day, trying to yank it out. Well, it finally worked and now she is toothless (: . She was quite excited.

Raegie's giggle

I have been trying my darnedest to get Raegan to laugh. Two days ago, on the 25th, I put Raegan down for a minute to help Ashty and asked Shay to talk to her. Well, she did and she also giggled for her! Shay came running in announcing the news. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that she finally let it out, and I have been trying for days and didn't hear it!! (: Well, I felt a little better when Shay was so excited. I'm hoping it's something she will remember.

Harry Potter

Bri and I first heard of Harry Potter from Brian's brother Stephen about six years ago. We snatched his book one day when we were visiting and started reading it together. Ever since then, we have read them together. I think it frustrates Bri a little because he likes to get through his books pretty quickly. For some of the others, he would sneak it when I wasn't looking, and read a couple chapters. I finally caught him one time and he has never done it since. At least I'm assuming he hasn't (: . Well, for the final seventh book, we have been anxious and really excited to read it. When Bri comes home, we sneak in our room for a little while or shush our kids out the door for a few minutes while we read. It has been really fun, but since we have to find quiet moments alone to do this, we are only half way through. When Raegan is crying Bri holds her and puts the book on the ledge and reads while I do dishes or make dinner. I got this cute picture of it.

Art Camp and a Little Sanity

This last week Tera and Shay have been in an "Art Adventure Camp" with the county. It has been wonderful! It only lasted for four days, but on those four days, I had three hours of peace and quiet! I would put Ashtyn to bed and Raegan and I would just hang out. Sometimes I was able to get Raegan down too, and then I could actually get something done. The girls also loved it. They learned some great new ways to make art and I have never seen Shay so excited about art before. Yesterday they had the parents come for the last half hour to see their displays. Bri went with all the girls because I had to get a crown put in on a cracked tooth (so glad that's over). It made me laugh that they had a display and certificates for just four days, but the girls loved it and I did too, so it was worth it.

Pain in the mouth!!

So the last few weeks have been awful as far as my mouth is concerned. I had a tooth ache and I finally got into the dentist to find out what the problem was. Three weeks ago I did this. The dentist said it was probably a cracked tooth and so I needed a crown. They shaved down my tooth and gave me a temporary crown until mine was finished. Well, ever since then I have been in pain. Every little while I had to take 600 milligrams of ibuprofen to stop the ache. I went in again and she said it's probably a bruised ligament. Well, it didn't go away and finally yesterday I went in again and she said it was probably a nerve that was exposed when it was shaved down. She put on the permanent crown and said it should go away now! Yay! I'm so excited that it's finally taken care of. I also had a huge canker on the other side of my mouth so it has been quite hard to eat. Can't wait to eat normally again!

I had to put this last picture in cuz' Ashtyn's hair cracks me up. Love the "do" Asht!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

On the Way Home.....

Yesterday Brian went to a stake youth conference as a supervisor. He left at 7:00 in the morning and said he wouldn't be home until about 11:00 that night. The girls and I decided to make a day out of it since we didn't have Bri with us. We had a fun day together and around 3:30 Teralyn went to her first piano lesson (she was so excited!) and then we went to the park to eat our dinner. We came home, watched Benji Unleashed, and had popcorn. We said family prayer and personal prayers where each of my girls prayed for their dad to come home safely.

When I had some time alone, I quickly straightened the house and did the dishes. Then I got ready for bed and watched t.v. for a little while. About ten minutes later (around 11:00) I get a call from Brian. He asked me how I was doing and I said fine, but I knew right away something was wrong. I asked him how he was and he said, "I'm okay now, but I was just in an accident and I don't know how I made it alive".

He went on to explain that he had been driving down I95 south in the fast lane, when he saw from the corner of his eye something flying toward him from the other direction. He realized it was an upside down minivan and it had flown over the barricade and was headed right toward his car! He quickly swerved the car and felt himself spin in the other two lanes. The car then did a 360 degree turn and as it was slowing down, he could see the heavy traffic from I95 heading right toward him. He said he thought this was the end, that the on coming traffic would hit him, and he would be in a world of hurt. Miraculously, the car behind him stopped in just enough time to not hit him, and the other cars swerved out of the way.

Amazingly enough, Brian nor his car, was even scratched. After it was all over, his car slid to the side of rode. He got out of his car and there was not even a scratch. Even our new tires still looked fine. The lady who was right behind him in her car came over and talked to him. He thanked her for her quick reaction
in stopping and she gave him a hug.

Everyone in the van was fine. Bri said there were a few bloody faces and scratches, but they all were able to walk away from it. It had been upside down, but it had landed on it's side. They were all amazed that there wasn't a death.

Bri got to leave the accident pretty quickly because he didn't witness why the minivan had rolled. I guess we will never know why the minivan had rolled in the first place. It was a bunch of people in the van who were in their young 20's or so. Our guess is that they were on their way to line up for the Harry Potter book. Bri said their music was pretty loud, they looked like they were having a good time. Maybe too much of a good time...

Two weeks ago we had new tires put on our car. It has been at least three years since we have done that. Our old tires were terrible. Every time we would go out in the rain, we would slide. We talked about it for a long time, but never got around to doing it until two weeks ago. Thank goodness we did.

We still don't know how Brian made it alive. I am just so grateful for my sweet girls who asked Heavenly Father to bless their dad. There is no other explanation for such a miracle. To think I could have lost my husband so quickly, and that my girls could have lost their dad is very humbling. Brian said as the cars were headed toward him all he could think about is, "I can't die, I have a daddy daughter date tomorrow". Of all the things he could have been thinking of and he was thinking about his girls.

It's times like this that you realize how precious life is. How quickly each of us could die is amazing to me. What if I were to die tomorrow, am I putting my priorities straight in my life? Am I living each day as if it were the last? What am I doing that I would be ashamed of if I were to meet my maker? I am so thankful for my great husband and for the wonderful father and priesthood holder he is. I think he would have been ready if it had happened, but I'm so grateful he didn't and that now we have a chance to make our lives better...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Independence (in many ways!)

We had some friends from our old ward come and visit last week. They were taking a break in between moves (from Vienna to Athens!), visiting family and friends and we were lucky enough to get to spend some time with them. My girls didn't remember them from three years ago, so it took some time for all the girls to get comfortable with each other, but they finally did. We have a cute picture of them at the pool. Have a great trip Christy and family, we sure miss you here!

Independence Day was great. Our ward breakfast was awesome and then that night we had a fun BBQ with friends and I got to play Guitar Hero!! Yay! I have heard so much about it, and finally I got a chance to join in. It was great. I will definitely need some practice though!

While I was enjoying Guitar Hero with the Turpins, Brian decided he would chance the hail, rain, and chance of a tornado and took all three girls out to see the fireworks! I couldn't believe they actually did it. He came home with three tired, but happy girls and said they had a great time. He said on the way to the show, the weather was almost the worst he had ever driven in, but when they got there, it had died down and they had great seats because everyone had left. They sat by friends from the ward and he said the girls were having the time of their lives (considering our oldest is getting hard to entertain lately). We all had a good time. Thanks to the Turpins for letting Raegan and I stay and for the great Guitar Hero experience!!

Okay, the other fun thing that has been happening this last week is potty training!! Yes, my favorite thing in the world. Actually, this time around it has been much much easier. I decided to wait until Ashtyn was almost three this time (her birthday is in August). I have learned from past experience that if I start earlier, it just takes longer and I am more frustrated. Ashtyn finally had the motivation to do it (preschool in the fall) and I have had a little more energy lately, so we decided to plunge forward. Cold turkey is the way we did it this time. We put her in panties and she did amazingly well. Of course, we had a few accidents, but I was actually surprised at how fast she picked it up!! Thank goodness is all I can say! We have had our fair share of poopy accidents with her though. One happened this last Sunday at the Oberings house!! Yes, she pooped on their carpet! She has also left a trail on our sweet friend Mendy's skirt. Oh, and we can't forget the stain she left at Picture People's wall when she was four weeks old. Hopefully this will be the end, cross your fingers. (:

A few months ago I found an old piano in the Penny Saver for free! We called up and they said we could have it, but it didn't work. Well, we checked it out and the frame was great, it just needed about 400 or 500 dollars worth of work on it. We decided to take it and Brian was determined to fix it himself. "Yeah right" I thought. Yes, I admit it, I didn't believe he would do it. I know, I know, have a little faith right? Well, it's just that he has a million projects right now and a new baby in the house. How would he find the time? Well, he did. Last night he finished it. He replaced all the elbows in the bottom, sauntered them on, and then screwed them back into place. I was very impressed. What a great hubby!!

Our family is finally starting to feel a little more normal after having a baby. Our routine is coming along now and Raegan is doing better, even smiling sometimes! I was actually really nervous to take all four girls out alone, but I am doing it and I even take them all to the pool! I am quite proud of that. I guess I can't take all the credit though because every time I go, there has been someone from the ward there and I always have help. My older girls are learning that to be part of a family, you need to do your part. They are really doing well with helping around the house (with a little persuasion that is). The best help is when they hold Raegan and they are always willing to do that!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Name and a Blessing

Well, it's been a crazy few last weeks! I have to say that I would love to talk to the person who once told me that after three kids, it's a breeze. I think they must have stopped around two! We have had our ups and downs, and sometimes I wonder if it's ever going to get easier, but there are definitely those times where everything seems worth it. Today was one of those days.

Raegan was blessed today. Although we didn't have any family here to share it with, it didn't stop the wonderful spirit that was there. My mom made her a beautiful blessing dress and she was asleep through the whole thing! A couple of people from the ward jotted down notes of the blessing. I was glad to sit back with my girls and take it in. After church we took her outside and got some more photos.

I'm going to play a little catch up. Brian is doing the dishes right now and all my kids are in bed! So, I will quickly summarize the last few weeks...

Shaylee graduated from preschool. They did a really cute preschool celebration and you've gotta love those pictures (yes, that is an orange peel in her mouth).
After we said goodbye to everyone and gave hugs, Shay had a little cry. I thought it was so sweet. She is definitely going to miss her friends and her cute teachers. I think they will miss her too.

The other great thing that happened this last week was that Tera and Shay both learned how to ride a bike! Without the training wheels that is! We were all quite excited. Shay was pretty determined to do it and we encouraged her a little, but she basically taught herself and by the end of the day was zooming around the neighborhood. Teralyn was motivated by that and with Brian's help, learned the very next day. Now we can't seem to get them off. Yay!!!

As far as how we are doing with a new baby in the family, we are doing well. Tired, but well. Raegan is still learning to sleep on her own during the day so I hold her a lot. But, I shouldn't complain too much because night times are usually good. She usually wakes a couple of times a night to eat, but most of the time goes back to sleep on her own. Of course, I never complain when Brian lets me sleep in. All the sleep we can get at this stage right?

The thing that is the hardest for me is juggling my time between my four girls, my husband, my calling, dinners, bills, etc. etc... Any advice from you mothers out there will help. It's amazing how much time a new baby takes especially when you want to spend quality time with your other kids. I am still trying to figure that out. Hopefully someday I will be better at it. For now I am trying to take one day at a time and enjoy...