Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Baby!!

Now that my nausea is starting to dissipate, I can concentrate enough to write a blog about our baby to be... Yes, #5 is on it's way. Four more weeks and I can give you a gender. I'll try to stay posted.

It's been a crazy four months for us. I had quite a few problems with this pregnancy and was told that I only had a 20% chance of making it. We were even given the option to "get it over with quicker" and take a pill to get my uterus to contract. Thank goodness we didn't do that. A week later, we saw a heartbeat and every week after that the doctors were amazed that this baby was still growing. The problem was, it implanted very very low in my uterus and I had lots of cramping, bleeding, etc. We had actually told all our family that I had miscarried, because we thought I had. We were pretty amazed to find out I hadn't.

I also received a wonderful blessing during this whole time from Brian. Which I believe had quite a lot to do with how blessed we have been. I do feel so blessed. Every day I think how grateful I am to already have four healthy little girls. My heart breaks for those who don't and I thank Heavenly Father daily for this chance I have to be a mom.

Another worry I had, and still do to a small degree, is will our baby be healthy. My hormones when I started my pregnancy were so low that I was put on progesterone pills. I was also told that there is a possibility that something could be wrong with our baby. That wasn't easy to hear, but as time has gone by, I am trying to have faith and relying on the Lord that everything will be fine. And, as much as it bugs me that Brian doesn't worry one bit, it is also a little reassuring. We both know that if something is wrong with our baby, we would still give our all and love and cherish it no matter what.

Phew! So that is what I have been going through for the past four months or so. I am so excited to be finally getting over the nausea (although today made me realize it's not totally gone) and have enough energy to not fall asleep every time I read a book to Raegan, but that hasn't happened either. Oh well, it will someday right?