Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rock Climbing!

My greatest accomplishment this week is that I made it to 36 weeks!! I am quite excited, and so is Bri. The only down side now though is that Bri lets me do things for myself. I have to say it was quite nice to have him do my dirty work, (ex: carry the laundry upstairs). Now he just looks at me and smiles... hmmm...

I thought this week would never get here. The OBGYN says after 36 weeks they won't stop my labor if it happens. That makes me relieved, but also a little nervous. I decided I should probably start getting ready for this little babe! I finally pulled out the baby clothes and washed them. This is a great picture of all the pink we have! I didn't realize I have ingrained it into my girls at such an early age. No wonder Ashtyn is obsessed with pink!!!

We have been rock climbing before, but my girls have never been so brave as they were today! Yay! Teralyn climbed about halfway up the wall and Shay made it to about a third of the way. Quite the accomplishment.

Brian's first chance at rock climbing! He made it to the top even though he went to bed at 4:00 last night (we stayed up talking to Michelle).

(Michelle and Ashty) Ashtyn and I hung out and watched everyone rock climb. We had a great time with the crayons and walking in tire chips. Ashtyn has to wait until she is five and I have to wait until, well I can...

The girls went swimming with the Walburgers and Terry girls after. Brian bribed Tera and Shay with candy bars if they would float on their back for ten seconds (we have been working on this for a while now). Ashty watched the whole thing and decided it was time for Brian to learn. She spent the last ten minutes trying to get her dad to float by pushing his head down and pulling his ears! I think she almost drown him. Michelle and I had a good laugh.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Aunt Michelle Comes to Visit

Yay! We always love a visitor. Brian's sister, Michelle came out on Thursday evening. She had a conference in D.C. next week so she decided to come out and spend a while with us too! The girls of course love this, and think that they are what she is coming for. Friday Bri had off work so Michelle and Bri went to see the Spy Museum. Shay cried and cried that she couldn't go too! That night the girls went to their babysitting swap at the Walburgers (which cheered up Shay) and we went to eat at an Italian restaurant named Avanti. It was a little pricey, but very good. Afterwards, Michelle and I went to Weis and got the girls a surprise. Michelle told them she would get them something at the museum, but when there wasn't anything to buy, Bri assured her that they would forget. Of course they didn't forget and that was the first thing they asked for when seeing her again. Anyway, she got Shay gum (of course), Ashtyn sweedish fish, and a Rip Roll for Tera. She set them all out for them to choose and they chose exactly the thing that she had chosen for each. Do we know their likes or what? How did they get so predictable?

Michelle, Bri, and I stayed up that night and watched "Nacho Libre". Very funny!

Dumpster Day!
We always love dumpster day cause that's when we get to throw out our junk. Brian and the girls woke up early and took some old mattresses, our broken glider (from being played on too much) and a dressup treasure chest to the dumpster. Everyone had something in their hand as they marched across the park. I had to get this picture...

I was in a very spring cleaning mood, so I shoveled out some old bushes in our front lawn! They were so old and dead, it was very invigorating to get them out. Then we planted some grass seed in the back. Our next adventure will be to get some flowers in the front.

Bri got some replacement wood for our trim around the outside windows and started to prime it. Of course the girls wanted to help, so we put on some old painting shirts and they had a hay day! I had to leave after a while, I got a little nervous watching the paint flying everywhere!! We squirted them off with the hose after and I think that was their favorite part!

We then packed in the van and drove to Fort McHenry in Batimore. Amazingly, we have never been there before (for some reason we always thought it was in the inner harbor). I was pretty amazed at everything there was to learn about there! I can't believe we haven't been before. There was a great fifteen minute movie about the war in 1812 and then at the end, the curtains parted to show the American flag outside as the Star Spangled Banner was played. It was quite an emotional experience for me. What a wonderful country we live in!!

That night we had a fun time with the babysitting swap (this time it was our turn to babysit since our kids were sick last week). We only had the Walburger girls today. We went to the park and then out to play on scooters and bikes. Our neighborhood is full of kids. Bri and I were just saying we wouldn't trade our neighborhood for any house that we could have! That's a pretty amazing thing to say since we want a single family house some day. Hopefully someday we can have both, but now we are very content (:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ashtyn's first people picture

Ashtyn this morning asked for paper and a pencil and for the first time drew a picture that wasn't just scribbles! Shay and I were quite excited and she was pretty proud of herself. So, here is Grandpa and daddy...

Every day I am asked if I will get down the makeup. It's only on rare occassions when I feel particularly nice, (or should I say busy since it occupies them for quite a while) that I give in. Sunday morning before bath, Ashty had a hayday with makeup, and here's proof (:

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Just when I thought it was over....

We all got sick. Okay, so Bri didn't, but the rest of us did. Ashtyn has been throwing up and not eating for a week! I thought I would go crazy. That is so unlike her. She loves to eat! Anyway, on Thursday I thought it was finally over. She actually had a little breakfast and then asked for oranges later on! I was so relieved after going to the doctor, checking her blood for diabetes, (I have it in my family), and also checking for a UTI (which she has had before). Anyway, it turned out to be a virus. So, I thought we were all clear until I got home and had a message from Shay's teacher saying she threw up at school!! Ahh! I rush over to the school and get her home for the day. We hang out all day and then I start feeling it. Hmm... Well, the good news is that I didn't throw up, just didn't feel good. Later we pick up Tera from school and she comes home and sleeps on my bed for an hour (very unlike Tera). When she wakes up, she starts puking too! At least the older two got it at the same time huh?

Friday my girls and I spent the whole day on the couch. I read my book, and actually it was quite nice to not have anything to do. Oh, except get water for the girls every little while, make sure they had their buckets ready just in case, keep up the tylenol, and clean the bathroom every couple of hours (: . At the end of the day I think we were all ready to see a fresh face! Thank goodness for husbands. Bri took over then and I happily finished my book.

Today we are pretty much better. Tera said she is feeling great and went out to play and Ashty was so grateful to have someone to go out with her, and I went to Enrichment. Shay still has a fever poor girl, but she got off the couch and ate a little dinner. I think we are on the uphill.

Enrichment was great today. I didn't plan on going because I felt awful last night, but I felt better this morning, and I'm glad I made it. I went to a class on decluttering your life. She had some great ideas, and Joni, you will be happy to know that she talked about "Fly Lady"!!
The other class I heard was on haircutting! Very great tips, just wait until you see Brian's new haircut! Just kidding, it will be a week or so before he lets me cut his hair again...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Camping in the snow!!

I can't believe spring break is over! Usually I am a little excited to get the kids back in school, but not this time. I have really really enjoyed not having to wake up early and push my kids out the door. Then to go back two hours later to pick Shay up for preschool and then a few more hours later to pick up Tera. It's been great, I'm just sad it's over.

Life moves on though right? Okay, quick summary of my week:
Monday- Outside all day in the sun!
Tuesday- Zoo and Lonestar
Wednesday- Maryland Science center
Thursday- hmmm... can't remember
Friday- doctor's appointment (yippeeee! Jk) oh, and first
sleepover for the girls!
Saturday- swimming lessons, birthday party, Ashtyn sick,
painting Easter eggs
Sunday- Easter
Monday- Easter Egg Roll at the White House, FHE

My doctor's appointment left me relieved in a way, but also a little nervous. I am now dilated to a one and fifty percent effaced. I was glad I wasn't further than I am (because at this time for my last two I was put on bed rest). She told me to take it easy and come back on Tuesday for a test that can give her a better idea of where I am. Yay for no bed rest!!!

So, Friday night was quite an adventure. I told Laurrel I would watch cute little Kenzie while a group of people went to the White house to wait in line all night for the annual Easter Egg Roll tickets! I was grateful Bri said he would do it, cause I wasn't even going to consider it! Anyway, he put on about three layers of clothes and brought a warm sleeping bag so he thought he would be fine. Well, it turns out that it snowed that night for the first time in how long??? The weather was freezing and everyone was trying to survive that night! Wow, what sacrifice huh? I had to laugh when he came home that morning soaking wet, and zonked out on the bed for a few hours.

I had quite the adventure that night also. The girls have never had someone stay over night, (at least not for a couple of years) so they were quite excited. I mistakenly thought they would be tired and go right to sleep. I don't know what I was thinking. I put them to bed about 8:30 and boy was that a mistake! I think I just about went into labor for all the times I went up the stairs to tell them to go to sleep! Ahhh! Around ten, I finally turned on the t.v. to block out the giggles and tried to zone out... Around 10:30 they fell asleep. Thank goodness for the television. I think it kept me sane (:

Saturday Ashty got sick and couldn't keep anything down. She didn't even want to eat (which is very unusual for our Ashty poo!) Anyway, she quietly watched as we painted our eggs, and insisted on sitting in dad's lap through the whole thing. I think Bri was a little flattered that she has decided to be such a daddy's girl lately. Her fever developed in the evening and we had a fun night with buckets and Tylenol. I'm sure you can imagine (: In the morning she was still sick, but the Motrin must have kicked in for a while because she sure enjoyed her egg hunt!

The Easter Egg roll was quite fun. All except I didn't explain the rolling of the egg part to my kids and they just about flipped out. We finally got to the front of the line and they had a bunch of kids line up to roll a boiled Easter egg. They gave them big spoons to push across the lawn. Why didn't I realize that my kids would freak out? That's just the way they are when they don't know what's going on. So, someone said, "on your mark, get set, go!". Tera got the idea that she was in a big race, she gave her egg one big push which went the opposite direction (that's how coordinated my girls are), and saw that she lost, so she threw her spoon and refused to go another inch. Meanwhile, Brian was getting more and more upset, and everyone ended up mad or crying. We were in great spirits.

Well, all was not lost. Tera decided to try and have fun and we actually got a picture of her smiling in the Easter Egg hunt. At the end, Brian even said he would wait in line next year... hmm... we will see I guess.

Mail man from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Denise Austin and Shrek doing aerobics!

Michael Leavitt and wife reading a book

Thursday, April 5, 2007

April Fools Joke

Teralyn thought of the best April Fools joke! She called her grandparents and told them that we went to the doctor the other day and found out that we were having a boy and not a girl. Wow! What a reaction! Bri and I listened to the conversation on speaker phone while Tera told them. We didn't realize what a reaction they would give! She totally got them. After about five minutes of screams, we finally convinced Tera to tell them it was April Fools. When there was finally a break Tera blurted out, "It's April Fools Day today!". There was a silence, and then laughing... I don't think they will ever forget that one.

Conference was this weekend and we had some great BBQ's! It was also wonderful to hear the prophet speak again and the Apostles. We love having Dish Network where we can actually see them again!!

Monday my kids had a great day in the sun. Ashtyn was so cute with her little helmet on her bike. I had to get a picture.

Tuesday Bri stayed home and we all went to the zoo bright and early. We actually made it there in time to get parking! Pretty unusual for us. Anyway, it was a sunny, but not too hot day and we had a great time. At least Bri and I did. It was one of our most enjoyable zoo days we have had. We really beat the rush and the weather was great. As far as walking that far, all I can say is I'm so glad Brian was with me! Those hills would have killed me.

We came home that evening, gave Ashty a nap, (oh, and I got one too (: ) and then we went to Lonestar Steakhouse for kids eat free Tuesday! I got steak, which I don't usually do (I have never learned to appreciate steak like I should). I was just glad to be out to eat and not having to make it or do dishes. It's been a while since we have been out as a family because all my girls get meals now! It can really add up... The girls were all in great moods too! Those moments are rare and far between!! Thank goodness for spring break!