Sunday, September 30, 2007

Horse Riding Lessons???

So, about a year ago we started talking to Teralyn about what she would like to do (as far as activities). She is not so thrilled with sports and we didn't have a piano yet, so there wasn't much to choose from. We had already tried ballet and liked it, but it wasn't something that we thought would hold for her. Anyway, after thinking about it for a while, we decided it would be fun to get her into horse back riding lessons. Yes, I know, EXPENSIVE! Well, we called a few places and realized how much it was and then put it off.

It has now been over a year since we promised Teralyn that she could take lessons. When we moved to our current house, she befriended a girl in her first grade class who became her best friend. Of course, she rides horses. To top that off, she has also become really good friends with a girl in our neighborhood who takes horse back riding lessons. We didn't stand a chance after that. Finally, after promising for quite a while, we decided to check it out. Every Saturday afternoon at the Columbia Horse Center there is a free lesson at 1:00. So we met there, (Brian had to meet us since work has been a little crazy lately) and the girls (Teralyn and Shaylee) got to take an hour lesson on horse back. The girls had a blast! We were wondering why in the world we ever payed for a little horse ride for about five minutes which costs about five bucks, when we could have come here. It was great! Well, maybe a little too great. By the time they were done, we had no chance of getting out of it. Actually we had a small one... we had told Tera all along that if she wanted to join she could, but we really had no intention of Shay joining (she has basketball). We made it clear to Shay that she would have to wait and she was very sweet about it. She knew from the get go that it was just for Tera.

Okay so, it was so hard to resist. When we saw how much they both enjoyed it (which is saying something for my girls who are scared of butterflies!), and how sweet Shay was about waiting, we broke our self control and let both of them join!! Yes, it costs quite a bit, and right now we are broke, but Bri just keeps reminding me about Shaylee's genuine smile when she realized that she was in too.

The program that they are in is called Pony Pals. A parent has to lead the child around through the whole lesson. Since one of us has to stay with our other two kids, there is someone from the horse center who leads one of our daughters. Bri went on Friday with the girls and they had a great time. Tera was a little nervous at first, but once she took charge, the horse started trusting her and she did a great job. Shay was confident through the whole thing. Shay's horse was Tugboat and Tera's was Penelope.

We shall see how long this will last, but we are having fun while it does.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A mouse in my house!!

Okay, so this last week has been a little crazy. I am relieved it's over. Let me recap it.

As you know, Teralyn's birthday was Monday. So on Tuesday, Raegan turned four months (I will put some pictures in at the bottom) and Brian left for Boston (a business trip for a few days). So that night I was sitting at the computer and wouldn't you know it, I hear a mouse eating something under the piano!!! I could have died! I detest mice more than anything in the world. One time in our apartment in Logan I saw one and I grabbed Teralyn and waited all day on the couch for Brian to get home! Well, I guess it was just my luck that the day that he left, I find a mouse in my house. I quickly ran upstairs and of course dreamed all night about it and couldn't sleep. I even put sneakers on to feed Raegan in the night. Ahhh!

Well, Wednesday morning we walked to school and then I went to presidency meeting until 12:00. Then I came home and put Raegan and Ashtyn down for a nap and stayed upstairs until I had to pick up my other girls at 3:30. That night we had to be home because we were taking someone dinner (I just made sure I wore tennis shoes all day). I was planning on going to Target to get some traps, but my kids were tired and hungry so I decided I could wait one more night.

I called Bri that night to let him feel my pain (I don't really think he did though, he has no idea how much I hate mice!). He assured me that it wouldn't go upstairs though so I was fine to be in our room. So I quickly rushed to bed, where I was safe, thinking I could get a few chapters in my book read before going to sleep. Wouldn't you know it, the mouse decided to join me and just when I started reading it ran into my room and up into the loft!!! By this time I was going crazy! I turned on a light downstairs, hoping it would go down and jumped into the middle of my bed and prayed it wouldn't come in with me! There goes another sleepless night. I did finally fall to sleep, but only to dream all night about Ratatouille.

So far I hadn't told my kids about the mouse. I figured it would scare them too much. Well, the next morning we were eating breakfast and we hear the mouse eating too, and loudly!! The girls freaked out and ran upstairs. I assured them that they would be gone most of the day and I would buy a trap and get it. The problem was, I was secretly scared to death to set a trap! I knew that if I actually did catch the mouse that I wouldn't be able to get rid of it. I didn't let them know that though. Well, after preschool, Astyn, Raegan and I went to Target and got about 20 mouse traps and then went out to lunch (there was no way I was going home if I didn't have to). We stayed quite a long time at McDonald's play land and finally I decided it was time to get Raegan down for a nap. Right after school Shay had basketball. I was very relieved that we had one more thing to keep us away. We finally came home, ate a quick dinner and then Bri called. He was able to change his flight and was coming home two hourse early (for fifty extra bucks, but it was worth it!!). When I got my kids in bed, Bri came home about an hour later and I have never been so happy to see him! He set the traps for me (: and examined the whole house.

Well, turns out, we have no idea what happened to him. Since that morning I haven't heard or seen another sign of a mouse in the house. All of the eighteen traps we have set haven't been touched and there is no more munching under the piano. Yes, we did see where he has been hiding out, but who knows what happened. I am beginning to think that he is dead... Hallelujah. Now the problem is, where is he dead?

Okay, so on the better topics, Bri and went on a date on Friday and saw Hairspray! I loved it. Bri is not really a musical kind of man, but he enjoyed it too... I think. We had a great time and it was so nice to be on a date with my hubby!

Saturday we had a half sleepover birthday party for Teralyn. It started at five o'clock and went until ten o'clock. Yes, five hours. We also had every single one of the thirteen girls come that were invited. It was a little crazy at moments, but turned out great thanks to Brian's Twister tournament. Whew! I never have enough planned for these things.

First we had a fun craft where we filled sand into pens, necklaces, and bracelets. The girls loved this, but it went a little too fast. Next we had pizza and listened to the High School Musical CD. Then Bri made up a little Twister tournament, which they loved! Then, we went out for a pinata (what's more fun than a pinata right?). We then came in for presents, cake and ice cream and then finally went downstairs with pillows, blankets and pj's for a movie. We timed it just right and parents showed up right when the movie finished. Tera had a blast, but she did say once, "I think you guys are more excited for my party than I am." She was probably right about that one (:

Sunday I had to give a talk on Tragedy or Destiny. Okay, so it has been five years since I have given a talk in Sacrament meeting! Yes, I knew it was going to be my turn any day now, so I wasn't too surprised when I was asked. I had prepared it last Sunday, (thank goodness since I spent the whole week stressing about mice and birthday parties), so on Sunday I just reviewed it with Brian to see if it made sense. Well, it wasn't as terrifying as I remember and it turned out fine. Here's hoping for another five years right?

Raegan at four months

Things I love about Raegan

*She loves to blow raspberries.
*She grunts when she's not happy.
*She gives awesome smiles!
*She loves to giggle when I play patty cake with her (:
*The nurse one time told me that she is the strongest baby she has ever seen (she was trying to take a rectal temperature).
*I was also told by a pediatric nurse once that she has the loudest scream she has ever heard from a baby!! (pretty good Raegy!)
*She breaths in loudly when she's excited.
*She loves her binky, but prefers her fist.
*She drools so much that sometimes I have to change her outfits three times a day.
*Speaking of changing outfits, I usually have to change mine about twice a day (due to spit ups).
*She rolls onto her belly when we put her down for a nap.
*She has at least one blow out a day (call me if you need advice on how to get poop stains out).
*She has big and alert bright eyes.
*She sticks out her tongue when she smiles (even in her ultrasound).
*She balances on hands quite well (that one's from Brian).

Monday, September 17, 2007

Teralyn Turns the Big 7!!

I am now a mother of a seven year old!! Am I really that old? I can't believe it has been seven years since Teralyn was born. Well, it's been worth every minute! I have to say though, as most of you know, I wasn't sure at the beginning. We had a rough six months, but when she grew out of that, she has been the sweetest girl in the world. Seriously, I don't know if they come sweeter. I sure feel lucky to have her.

Tera shares her birthday with her teacher Ms. Martin, so this morning she spent making her a bracelet. When she got home we had her favorite dinner (stuffed shells) and a little family party (her friend party is on Saturday). Brian joked with her all week that she was getting a yellow m&m from him, so that is what she got... (: Her face was pretty funny when she really did get it. Anyway, she also got a Web Kinz(stuffed animal that you can feed and take care of on the Internet) and a password journal. We had a fun evening.

Some fun things about Teralyn

Favorite color, blue and yellow.
Could do crafts all day (if I let her).
Prays every night that she can be happy and kind.
Very empathetic.
Afraid of dogs and butterflies.
Tries hard to take risks (which doesn't come easy to her).
An excellent reader and writer.
Favorite subject is math and art.
Tries her hardest to pleas her parents and teachers.
Wants to be a doctor or a teacher someday.
Wants to be a mother of 15 kids (:
Loves grapes.
Favorite dinner, stuffed shells.
Loves to be outside with friends.
Hates nuts.
Is kind and has many friends.
Two of her best friends right now, Emily and Abby.
Hates contention and will avoid it at all costs!
Teacher's pet (:

Love you Tera!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Preschool, here we come!

My little Ashty finally made it to preschool! She has been asking about it for months now, mostly because we used it as a bribe for potty training. Well, potty training has come and gone and still no preschool. I think she was beginning to think it was all a bluff. It finally came yesterday and she was so excited!

This last Tuesday we had "meet the teacher day". Ashty and I got to go together to see her class and meet her teachers. We had a great time. It's always a little nerve racking to see if your child will adjust, but there were no problems. Oh, expect that I basically had to pull her out! After Tuesday she has asked me multiple times, "when do I get to go to preshool without you momma?". I guess she didn't enjoy my hovering. (:

The older girls didn't have school yesterday (Rosh Hashanah) so I packed all four girls into the car to see Ashty off on her first day. Ashty went running in and I basically had to yell to her to say goodbye to me. When I came to get her after an hour (they ease into it) she just smiled and was content to stay there eating her popsicle. By the time all the other kids had gone, Ashty was still sitting there happily eating away while Tera, Shay, Raegy and I waited patiently hoping she would eventually want to go home with us. Well, it took a little convincing, but she did come after I promised her she could keep her popsicle stick, oh and her napkin (she almost threw a fit when I threw it away). We took a few more pictures and left for home for a nap. Yes, I needed one after a long morning (: .

Some fun things about Ashtyn that I hope to remember...

Loves to help us cook
Says "shoowa" instead of "sure"
Has a blankie she calls her "silky blankie" which she won't let out of her sight!
Hates peaches (how sad!)
Loves loves loves pink
Favorite character is Dora the Explorer and sometimes Diego
Goes potty by herself now, but prefers that I do most of the dirty work (:
Loves hand-me-downs from friends
Would be content with cereal every morning
Can smell candy from a mile away
Would prefer that we ate candy for every meal
Has the neighbor kids wrapped around her finger
Waves and says "hi" to just about anyone
Says, "I want to be a big girl" when I'm doing her hair (which means two ponytails).
Favorite phrase... "two more minutes?!"
Loves to hug all the kids in our neighborhood
Drama queen (you never know what to expect).
Fearless (in just about everything).
Says, "can I have a peanut butter spoon?"
Instead of "hello", she says, "heado!"

Love you Ashty!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Grocery Store

I hope I can laugh at this someday...

So this morning I headed to the grocery store with my two little girls. When I go with both Raegan and Ashtyn I don't expect to get much because, well, I just don't have room. Ashty insists on sitting on the front and I put Raegan in her car seat in the cart, so I have about three inches on both sides of Asthyn and about two inches on both sides of Raegan. Well, today I thought our trip would be great since Raegan had just woken up from a nap and was fed and happy.

First of all, I headed to the deli counter, thinking I would get some meat and cheese for a quick meal tonight. There were two people in front of me, so Ashty, Raegy, and I all waited patiently. After a while of waiting, Ashty got a little impatient and started yelling for polka-dot cheese (Swiss). I told her we needed to wait our turn. Well, we waited and waited to no avail. Just then a third person showed up to wait in line, and Raegan started crying. I bent down to put the Binky in and when I got up, the third person was being helped before us. I know, the good thing would be to forget it and wait my turn, but by then I had had it, so we decided against sandwiches for tonight and headed for the other things on our list.

I guess I got a little carried away because the cart was beginning to pile up and I was starting to put things on top of my kids. That didn't make the situation any easier.

When we got to the milk, Ashty saw the juice and begged for the pink kind. I told her the pink kind she wouldn't like (grapefruit juice) and that we could get another kind. Well, she started screaming! I tried my darndest to ignore it, and quickly moved to the check out line. By then, Raegan was starting to get fussy so I prayed the lines were short. When we got to the line a man got there around the same time I did, so I put on a smile and let him go first. After a couple of minutes a lady came behind me and, seeing that I had more things than she did, asked me if she could go ahead of me. Yes, I still had two screaming children with food piled on top of them. I bit my lip, and let her go.

When I finally checked out, the cashier was laughing at me, my kids were both still crying and I was ready to scream...

I feel better now.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Saturday Morning...

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this! This last Saturday morning we found our van had been broken into! The night before we had been out late and came in in kind of a hurry. As I was grabbing Raegan, one of my girls, asked me for the keys to open the house. I gave it to her without thinking about it. We quickly got our girls to bed and cleaned our house. Bri went outside to get something on our porch and found our keys in the door. Ahh! I have done this many times, so I won't be too hard on my little girl. (:

Well, the next morning Bri went with the girls to move a piano and found our van in quite a mess. We had our GPS holder on our wind shield we think that may have been the motivation. Things were pulled out of our glove compartment and drawers and were thrown everywhere! So scary! Luckily, we didn't have our GPS in our van at the time. It looked like they were in a huge hurry because they didn't even bother with taking our DVDs or our headphones for our DVD player. Hmmm... the one thing they did take was the cable for our GPS, oh and a few coins. We were so relieved that they didn't do more damage or steal more things. Granted, the DVDs in our van are, The Little Mermaid, Little House on the Prairie, and Winnie the Pooh. I can't believe they didn't take those!! (:

So, that afternoon we were getting our mail on our community mail boxes, and saw our GPS cable on the top! The only thing that we can think of is that they started feeling guilty and wanted to get it back to us. I mean, what do you do with a cable without the GPS? Or, maybe their parents found it and told them to give it back. Whatever happened, we are glad they gave it back and we sure learned a lesson! Never give your kids the keys.... oh, I mean always remember to lock your doors!(:

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We've got a roller.....

Yes, we have a roller. I think what motivated it was that her binky fell out and she tries to roll to get it back in. Well, it worked, and now she won't stop. I guess that's the end of leaving her on the couch huh?

This last Sunday, I had primary by myself. At least I thought I would. Kathy was at Blue knob, Nicole had her baby, Jen was in Hawaii, Felicity moved this week, and Kelly was in Utah. Well, bless her heart, Cami took over sharing time for me, and Kelly turned up from Utah. It was actually a pretty easy day and no major disasters... can you believe it?

Yesterday was labor day and I went shopping! It was great to be by myself for a change and I actually got some new clothes, oh and caught up on back to school shopping for my kids too! It's so nice not to have to shop in the maternity section anymore!

While I was out, Bri took all four girls swimming. I met up with them when I was finished shopping. Ashtyn got to go down the big water slides and she was thrilled! So was Brian. After a while of sliding she was kicked off for being too short. Hmmm... oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I have to say, it was amazing to see a daughter of mine running to get another turn and then coming down on her belly! We were both pretty amazed. Where did she come from?