Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Lovely Green Grass

We have a swamp in our front yard. Yes, there is a leak in the main water pipe leading to our house. We noticed a little puddle about two weeks ago and thought it was just from the rain, but it spread and spread and pretty soon our grass was green and growing like crazy, I had to weed every few days, and our neighbors grass kept getting yellower and yellower. It didn't even occur to me that it could be a pipe leak. I guess with homeownership you should just assume the worst right? Well, I was finally mentioning it to our neighbor and she brought it up and said she had to have hers replaced two years ago.

So.... we have called a very popular plumber (I'm assuming he's popular since we have only seen about five minutes of him so far) and are just waiting for the day where we get our nice green grass dug up and our dead bushes taken out (at least we have an excuse to get new bushes though!). For now, we are living off our neighbors water supply (our hose in the back connects to their hose outlet. Thank goodness we have nice neighbors!) and we are crossing our fingers that it gets done quickly and easily.

The good thing is that the previous owners did a double sealant to protect the house from things like floods, or pipe leaks. Our plumber was actually wondering why we didn't have basement flooding. Whew! Thank you home owners!!! We will forever be grateful!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

On to Summer...

Okay, where has the time gone? Has it really been that long since I have posted? And I thought the summer would give me more time... So, instead of giving a huge summary of my last two and a half weeks, I am going to quickly recap what we have been up to:

  • End of school activities: kindergarten luau, volunteer appreciation assembly, kindergarten picnic, last day of school parties.
  • Savage Fest- This is a little festival by the Savage Mill that we go to every year. We did this quickly (it was a really hot day!), but the girls had fun on the pony and horse rides and the moon bounces.
  • Father's Day- Good day. We had stuffed shells, Bri got a digital picture frame for his office, lots of home made cards and we made calls to our dads. Brian even got breakfast in bed this year (my kids couldn't believe he slept in longer than mommy!)
  • Play Dates- a necessity in the summer I've decided.
  • New camera for me!- I have been wanting this for a very long time. Sorry Bri, I know you wanted that HGTV. Anyway, I finally got a digital SLR and I am so excited!!
  • Swimming lessons- yes, the swimming is coming along, slowly but surely.
  • New swamp in our front yard- Hmmm... could it be a broken water pipe.....
  • Ashtyn's four year princess birthday party- I had to do the princess theme I don't know if I would have been able to get away with anything else. It seems that's all she can think about lately. To give you some idea, the other day she threw a penny into a fountain and made a wish. I asked her what she wished for and she said to be a princess. Then, Dora (the Explorer) asked her the other day what she was going to be when she grew up and of course, a fairy princess. She doesn't even want me to do her hair anymore for fear that it won't look like Sleeping Beauty..... I am starting to get a little panicked. We will ever get away from the princesses???
The princess party turned out fun, a little crazy at times, but fun. I made a castle cake, we read Princess and the Pea, we played princess pop the pea (where they sit and try to pop green balloons), we played princess find the pea (sit on pillows trying to figure out which pillow has a green golf ball under it) London Bridges (the hit of the party), princess coloring, making crowns and wands, played pin the crown on the princess, and of course cake and ice cream. The little princesses especially liked walking on our pink rug (tablecloth) up to the door. So, I would have to say it was our most successful in house birthday party ever (usually we run out of activities).

So all in all, our summer is coming along. The girls are a little bored at times and I'm a little crazy at times, but I think we will make it. Now for the count down to see our cousins!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eye Doctor, First Step and Swivel Swiffer...

When Ashtyn was in preschool they had an eye exam for all the little preschoolers. I thought for sure that she would pass. Well, we got a letter a couple weeks back saying she didn't pass and that she has an astigmatism. Ugh! I was really sad about that one because I have an astigmatism and can't wear contacts because of it, and therefore have been cursed with glasses since I was in kindergarten (I'm still holding off until lasik is 100% guaranteed.)

Anyway, today we went in to check out the verdict for her eyes. We went to a great pediatric opthamologist in Clarksville (I hear the best in Maryland) and low and behold, she has great vision! I was so happy. She even saw things better than I did with my glasses on. The doctor said she did have a slight astigmatism, but nothing to worry about yet, and a little far sightedness (I guess it's common in children), but a 20/25 record. Horray! So no glasses for my little one quite yet.

Raegan took her first step a couple of days ago. We missed it on camera, but it was so fun to see. She is now way past the time that my other girls walked (except Tera, she walked at 13 months), so I was starting to get a little nervous. She doesn't even want to try. She is slowly getting there, but would much rather crawl. She uses her knees like no other, and even has some callouses. We are thinking it's her fear of falling since she has had many of those from some mysterious little girl who likes to push her around. Well, we were so happy to see her take a first step and she had a huge cheering session from all her sisters and even clapped herself. Hopefully this will be the start to something. We shall see...

The other day Shaylee was watching something on tv and an infomercial came on. It was for a swivel swiffer (or something like that). I didn't pay much attention and neither did Brian, but Shay sure did. In the middle of it she came running up to Brian and said, "We NEED to buy a Swivel Swiffer dad! It goes on carpet, on stairs, on hardwood, and even swivels around!" After about two minutes of talking up all the features as fast as she could, she turned back to the infomercial that said, "Now you can have two for the price of one." She turned back to Brian and said, "DAD, DAD! Oh my goodness, now we can have TWO!!". She couldn't believe her eyes. I guess it's a good thing Shay doesn't control the money around here....