Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wow, the time has flown. Okay, a few updates, very quickly:

Raegan turned 18 months!- Nursery, here we come! Yes, Brian is so excited. I am excited in a way and sad in a way. I still can't believe she is so old. I feel she is still my little baby. These are some fun things she does:

* says hi and waves to just about anyone
* yells mommy at the top her lungs until we give her what she wants.
* jabbers and jabbers, and we have no idea what she is saying most of the time.
* Loves puppies!
* Loves a good walk and will just keep going...
* Favorite foods: string cheese (yes, she still loves it), apples, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese. Pretty much anything dairy.
* Gives awesome hugs.
* Oh how we love her, she has brings so much joy to our family!

Brian's Birthday- Brian turned the big 33 last Sunday. I tried to take him Go Karting the day before, but I couldn't find it, so we went and got his favorite food instead (Ribs). On Sunday we had a little family b-day party, and I TOTALLY surprised him with a Wii. He was so excited and he kept saying he just couldn't believe it. I know that sounds wierd, but a little background... Brian loves to play video games and I am not a huge fan of them. Once I told him, "when our kids are all grown up I will buy you whatever video games you want." So basically, he thought it would be years and years. I guess I had a change of mind and realized that my kids are just not the type to stay in all day playing games. Plus, I know Brian well enough to know he's not going to use all his free time playing games. He just wouldn't do that. So, I decided to go ahead and do it (he totally deserves it!) and that's how we ended up with a Wii in our house. I know family, please don't die of shock... (:

Thanksgiving- It was great. We had some friends (the Browns) come over for it. The one down side was that the night before I got the stomach flu. Luckily, I had all my pies made the day before. So, on Thanksgiving day we called them and asked them if they would be willing to come anyway (I would just stay far away and not do any of the food prep) and they said they would! We were so glad to have friends come, and we got to try out the Wii for the first time with friends. The food was yummy (Brian did a wonderful job!), but I didn't have an appetite, so I missed out. Oh well, the leftovers were great.

Christmas tree- Monday we went and cut down our Christmas tree at a grove called Triadelphia farms. This was the first year that we have actually cut it down ourselves. So, we usually get our tree on the first FHE after Thanksgiving, so we headed out as soon as the girls were out of school because we had a bit of a drive. Well, we got there just before it closed so we ran out as fast as we could to the grove of trees and tried to find a good one, before we couldn't see what we were doing. We finally agreed on a cute one (so we thought, but it was getting dark), but after we finally got it cut, we realized it has a crooked trunk. So, we packed up our car and our tree and trudged home in the mud and put up our crooked little tree. Hmmm...oh well, it will be a tree to remember right?