Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Birthday Pie

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and I forgot to get pictures of our yummy meal!! Oh well, maybe next year huh? Anyway, it was a great day and we got to celebrate it with our friends, the Jensens. Every year around this time I get a little sad thinking about our families in Utah and Idaho who are all together. We are the only family on both sides who live far away and we miss out on a lot. Our girls don't even know some of their cute cousins. We try to go back home every other year or so, but it still isn't time enough to really get to know them. Well, it does make me a little sad, but I just have to say that I am so grateful for the wonderful friends and families we have made out here. Thank you for making it easier to be away from our family! That is what I am most thankful for this year.

Okay, on to the other stuff... Bri celebrated a birthday on Friday. He is now 32. We celebrated by me sleeping in (I really didn't mean to) and then we had a very relaxing day (pretty good for black Friday huh?) and went for a fall hike by the Old Savage Mill. We found a beautiful waterfall and the girls all went with Brian right in the middle of it (on a rock of course). They were thrilled about the whole thing and then Bri taught them how to throw (yes, they are just learning). They threw sticks and rocks down the side of the river. Anyway, it was beautiful and such a fun outing. It was a great birthday. Then we came home for lasagna, birthday pie, and ice cream.

So, as a tribute to my Brian on his birthday, these are some of things I love about him...

  • Makes me feel like he has things under control (even when he doesn't)
  • Makes bets with me (and always looses, by the way)
  • Listens to me, even when he's watching the Jazz games
  • Makes me laugh even when I'm trying to be grumpy
  • will go shopping for me whenever I don't feel like it
  • Takes the baby all night if she's not sleeping
  • Lets me sleep in EVERY Saturday morning (even on his birthday)
  • Lets me go shopping for myself whenever I want (:
  • Puts up with my complaining
  • Gives me backrubs whenever I want
  • Loves me even in the morning.
  • Reads to his daughters almost every night (or tells them princess and dragon stories).
  • Never complains about a girls night out (usually pushes me out the door)
  • Always does bathie time!!!
  • Usually remembers to take out the garbage
  • Lets me pick out all his clothes and will wear them just because I like them. (:
  • Works early early in the morning so that he can be home for homework time!!
  • Cleans the whole house for me when we have company.
  • LOVES to be daddy of four girls!
  • Pulls the hair out of the drains on a regular basis
  • Does the girls hair (or at least tries to) on Sunday mornings when I just don't have the time
  • Puts his family and the Lord first in his life.

Love you Bri!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

And yet, another black eye.

You would think that we were over our eye problems, huh? Well, it happened again. Last night Ashtyn was wearing her lovely princess dressup shoes and fell, hitting the banister and causing another black eye.

I'm just a little afraid what people are thinking now. I almost feel like I have to explain to everyone who sees her what happened, "you know, I really don't abuse her!" (although you would think so sometimes when she wants to go with a certain someone in the ward and BEGS to not come back to me!). Oh well, I guess she is destined for black eyes in her life. Oh, and for the record, I was out shopping at the time... (:

Monday, November 12, 2007

Primary program

It's been a crazy week! It seems I am running and running now and never get a chance to sit down with my family anymore. Saturday night I finally got a chance to do that and loved it! We stayed home and did puzzles most of the evening. It was so great to not be running around and it was so fun to spend some time with my girls. Those are definitely my favorite times, the times when I can just sit back at home and enjoy my cute kids and my husband.

We just finished our annual primary program yesterday. It turned out really well. The kids all did a great job and the spirit was strong. I was reminded of how much I love these kids. Everyone of them I have learned to love these last five years. I have thought many times how close they are to the Lord and what a great example they are to me. I am so thankful for the time that I am able to spend with these choice spirits. I feel very humbled that I am able to be in their presence and to help them feel the spirit in their lives.

I also have to say thank goodness for our wonderful primary teachers! Our kids have some great teachers who are always there, prepared and most importantly teach by the spirit. I can't say enough about that. Primary is where we learn the basics of the gospel that will take us up into the youth program and into adulthood. We need great people who will be an example to our kids and teach by the spirit. I think that we have that and I feel so lucky to be in a ward where my kids are learning the gospel not just at home, but they are really learning at church too. What better thing could I ask for for my children? There is nothing more important to me than that. These teachers are helping us bring our children back to Heavenly Father and I am so very grateful for them.

Friday, November 2, 2007

A little bit of everything....

Oh my, so much to write about, where to start.... Feel free to skip to the interesting parts.(:

First of all, this last week Raegan has found out how to get on her knees! Yes, she is rocking back and forth and will soon be crawling. So my house is not baby proofed. I guess I thought I had much more time than I do. It's amazing how fast the time goes with your fourth. I can't believe she is already five months! The other thing that happened this week with Raegan is she tried her first solid foods. She has been eating like crazy lately and is always looking at our food longingly and not quite getting enough at each nursing, so we decided it was time. She actually is doing better with it than I remember any of my girls doing. Her tongue reflux is almost gone and she gets quite a good amount in her mouth (which is really saying something for the first few feedings). Anyway, she is growing up and I am feeling quite sad about it. It seems I was always waiting for the days to pass with my first couple girls and now I am enjoying it so much, I guess because I realize now how fast it goes.
Ashtyn just had to feed her and of course most of it is on her cheeks, I'm really not sure if she got any in her mouth..


The night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins. The girls picked out how they wanted them carved (although Ashtyn wanted a princess and I just didn't feel that creative at the moment) and Bri and I carved them. We then watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin (or at least part of it) and sent them off to bed.

On Halloween day I got to go help Shay with her party during class. It was very fun to see all the cute costumes and especially that Shaylee matched her teacher. They were both cowgirls! I got a cute picture of that. The parade was cute, but I was not very happy with my Teralyn who hid from the camera!! Are we already to that stage?

When we got home from the parade, we put Ashtyn down for a quick nap (she was quite grumpy). Well, I guess I wasn't thinking about the time that she needs to recoop after a nap because we woke her up right before we were going to go trick or treating and she was not very happy. It took everything I had to get her to stay in the picture. Maybe it will be our tradition to get a picture of the older girls smiling and Ashtyn throwing a fit. I just had to laugh because it brought back so many memories of last year and so I took the picture anyway.

This is our first year that our girls wanted to go with their neighborhood friends trick or treating. So, Bri went around with all the girls and I stayed home with a sleeping baby. After a while I woke Raegan and got some pictures. Ashtyn and Bri came home early though because Ashtyn still hadn't gotten over the grumpies... When they were a few houses away from ours she finally decided it was fun and wanted to go back out. That's when we convinced her to stay and hand out the candy, which made her happy.

Tera and Shay had a lot of fun with their friends (and their parents of course) and at the end of the evening sat in a big circle at our neighbors house and examined their loot. Well, it was a good night in all. I am glad it's over. On to the next holiday!

Glasses at last!

I got my new glasses! Yay! No more super glue. I am just glad that they lasted for that week or I would have been in trouble. Here is a picture of them. I had to do it myself (my husband forgets to take pictures) so it's a little crazy, but it works.

Apple Picking

Friday we didn't have school so we went with some friends in our ward apple picking at Lariland farm. It was great. The weather was perfect (a little cool, but sunny) and the apples were so yummy! All the kids ran around in the hay maze first and then we went to look at the "witches" and headed on down to the apple trees. After eating and picking for a while, we sat down on the grass for a picnic. It was such a good out of school activity and the kids had a blast (oh, except for the dogs who scared my kids into the van during the picnic).

Ashtyn loved the apples so much that she had to have one in each hand. She went over to a friend's house afterward and pretty much took over all of their apples too (put her hand over them while they were eating). Shaylee climbed every tree she could get her hands on and Tera had a good time running around with her friends in the maze (while the dog was gone of course). It was a great afternoon. Enjoy the pictures.