Friday, March 12, 2010

Shaylee's Baptism

Shaylee has been waiting for her baptism and to turn eight for a long time. It feels like a really long time to her, since she is taller than her older sister and sometimes I think she thinks that she is older. So, to have Teralyn get to go to Activity Days, to get to stay home by herself for a couple of hours while I run an errand, and to not have to sit in a booster, was a huge deal! She just kept saying, it seems like all the good things happen when you turn eight. But, when I questioned her about the "good things" she put baptism on the top of her list, which made me smile.

So, she finally made it to eight and as it turned out, she was baptized on her birthday. She was quite excited. I always stress out a little before a baptism. I'm not sure why. It seems I want everything to go perfect and then distract from the spirit of the ordinance. But for Shaylee's I was determined to not stress out about it, and enjoy the day. A few days before her baptism, the bishopric called me and asked me to speak on the Holy Ghost. That made me stress a little more, but when it came down to it, I was really glad for the opportunity. I mean, who gets to speak in their own daughters baptism? Not many people right? I think it's because usually the parents/kid decides who will speak and they usually don't suggest themselves. So.... at first I thought, "oh no, just one more thing!" But, when it came down to it, I really loved it. I just hope Shay did, she doesn't get to hear me lecture enough at home...

Brian's parents were able to come out for the baptism the day before. Thank you, thank you for coming!! I was so glad to share it with some family. Considering that ALL of our family lives in Utah or Idaho (and we have big families), it was SO nice to have someone come out and share this day with us. And, also for the wonderful friends we have that came or tried to come (I realize things come up!) thank you so much! It really made the day so much better.

As far as the baptism went, it was wonderful. Shay and Tera did a piano/violin duet of "Love One Another". It was very sweet. They even messed up a little, but kept on going... (: Then Shay did the baptism talk. Yes, Shaylee did it! Our ward bishopric asks the child getting baptized to do the talk. It was very, very quiet and fast, but I was so proud of her that she actually did it. I mean, she was terrified, so this was a big feat for her.

All in all it was a great day, and to top it all off, the sun was out!! Yes, the sun actually came out for a day or two in Maryland. (: We had a little family party for Shay and then headed out to Golden Coral (yes, our kids love this place! Not us of course....). Grandma and Grandpa stayed for the next day and then left on Monday. So... here's some pictures of my cute girl and her baptism day....

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's a Girl!!! But, what did you expect?

Oh man, has it been that long since I have written?? I really have no excuses now, except I love taking an afternoon nap. Thanks Bri for doing the last blog. I guess he was getting tired of waiting around for me to write. And look how good he did! I mean, I should just turn it over to him.... I'm sure he'd love that.

Okay, on to business. So.... most of you know, but we are having our fifth GIRL!! Crazy huh? I think it is, what are the chances? Brian figured it out for me and it's like 3% chance or something. I just think the Lord knows I'm not up for the craziness of boys. I am excited though. I mean, I'll always get my girls home with me for Thanksgiving and Christmas right? And, just think of all the fun girls night outs we will have. That is, if they invite me. I better make sure they know right now that I want to be invited. Oh, I'm sure they will.... but just in case.

Okay, so that is our big news and Bri couldn't be happier, so don't you dare say, "Oh poor Brian!" because he's only wanted girls all along. I'm the one who wanted a boy, but you know, girls are great so I'm not complaining. Please just don't send me to the loony bin though when they are all teenagers. Just send over some advice or take me out away from it all. That's all I'm asking.

Oh, one more thing. A name. Do you realize how hard it is for me to come up with girls names? I mean, I can think of a hundred boys names that I like. But girls names? And to think that all my girls names are meaningful (meaning they are named after someone that I love). I tell ya, it's going to be hard. I am just resigned to come up with a name that I like, and then try to fit it into something meaningful. That will work right? Hmm... we shall see.