Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Weekend With the Ashbys...

My little bro. (although he's taller than me) and his cute wife came to visit us this last weekend. Next to my sister in law (Michelle), they are our most frequent visitors
(hint, hint, family...).

Ammon and Liz arrived on Thursday night. Our girls were so excited and talked about it all week. They practically smothered them and just couldn't get enough. I mean, who wouldn't love a fun loving uncle (who doesn't have kids yet, so has the energy to indulge) and a cute aunt (who takes time to do puzzles and hold hands etc.).

So Friday morning, we sent the older girls to school and my friend Nicole took my little Ashtyn with her and we left to Mount Vernon to explore George Washington. It was fun. The weather was beautiful and Raegan did awesome. We have been before, but this time without kids, we got much more out of it. We even got a great picture of George Washington's teeth (and no, they aren't made of wood).

After exploring for a while, we ate at the cafe on the grounds and then had an awesome ice cream cone. Which I have to insist, will be a tradition for next time we go! It had a green apple twist inside it and oh was it good! Can't wait for next time.

Raegan also got a taste of her first ice cream... there is no turning back now!

The ride home was long! We were caught between two accidents. One on I495 and one on I95. Thank goodness for my friends Laurrel and Nicole who took my kids for me for two hours past when I expected to be home!!! Argh! Anyway, it all worked out okay and next time I will have to account for traffic jams.

That night we watched movies and chatted. Oh how much I miss having family around!

Saturday we still had great weather so we decided to be a little more adventurous and
go to Philadelphia. It was a good decision. The ride wasn't too bad with some great DVD's, book for me, and Ipod for Brian. We arrived there at 1:00, but still had plenty of time to see everything we wanted and even had a picnic in the car.

We waited in a long line to see the Liberty Bell which was pretty interesting, but my favorite part was Independence Hall where the founding fathers met often to discuss affairs. We missed the chance to get tickets to get in, but luckily we got there fifteen minutes before they had a free admission for the day.. so we got to see it anyway!

All our feet where Abraham Lincoln stood...

Well, the girls were tired, but we pushed them a little more and tried to go to the Mint (which was closed) so we headed back as to not get home too late. On the way back to our car, we saw Benjamin Franklin's grave and got some questions from Shaylee as to why people threw coins on it. None of us so called adults knew what to say. I guess it will always be a mystery... hmm...

We got home around nine, put the kids to bed and stayed it to talk again. We were all pretty exhausted, but how can you pass up a good chat?

Sunday it rained all day. We went to church, took naps, played games and played more games and ate cookies...

Monday was their last day with us. Bri had to go to work and we didn't have much time before their flight so we went shopping for books and Maryland shirts. It was another rainy day, but Ammon found his book and Liz resorted to finding her Maryland shirt at the airport. We said our goodbyes and I dropped them off around 3:30.

We already miss them... come back soon Ammon and Liz!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Put on Your Dancing Shoes!!

Okay, so it's been quite a while since I have posted. Well, I have a few excuses. One is that the mouse on our computer broke, another is that I've been crazy busy lately, and last of all, well... I just haven't had a good reason to. But now I do. It actually happened last Friday, so it's a little bit of a catch up, but it's worth mentioning.

Last Friday we had our first annual High School Reunion Dance in our ward. It was sooo much fun! We all dressed up as we would have going to a dance in high school and then danced to all of the good old songs that we loved. We had such a fun time and even Brian danced (fast) with me!! Can you believe it? I guess the Napoleon Dynamite dance has brought him out...

The DJ did a great job of picking out some fast and slow songs from the past and we munched on goodies over a chocolate fountain.
At the end of the night we voted on the "prom king" and the "prom queen". Brian was voted as second attendant with his Letterman's jacket... hee heee! It was funny.

So, if any of you are over activities in your ward, I would suggest doing this one! It was such a good time and we were exhausted from all the dancing we did. Overall I would say the best ward activity that I have been to!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference

There's nothing that brightens up a gloomy weekend better than General Conference! And that is how I felt. Yes, it is spring in Maryland and that means cloudy, rainy days for a couple of months and just ask my husband, I feel it! He thinks that I am powered by solar energy. I am beginning to believe it too...

Anyway, this weekend was General Conference for our church and it was so uplifting. It was also a very memorable one where we had a Solemn Assembly and sustained our new prophet President Thomas S. Monson and his counselors, President Uchtdorf and President Eyring. The spirit was strong and sweet and I am now renewed to be a better person and better mom. Oh, and a renewed faith that these cloudy days will let up soon... (:

This year we really tried to get our kids to listen to conference. Teralyn is now seven and getting excited to be baptized later this year. She is trying really hard to understand the gospel. So, we gave them a great general conference packet that my friend emailed to me. They were so motivated by it and of course, I had a treat as an incentive, so that helped too. Anyway, I was so proud of my girls (at least my two older girls) who actually listened to conference and I even got a comment from Teralyn that it was short this year! That's what happens when you are enjoying it I guess....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


On Sunday I was doing my usual morning routine, trying to get all four of my girls to church on time while their dad is at morning meetings. Every Sunday I barely make it right before church starts, well most Sundays. Sometimes I just slip in the back too embarrassed to take my whole crew in front of everyone to the seat Brian saves for us.

Well, Sunday was no exception. I was barely going to be on time, so I was pretty much stepping on the gas. After a while my Ashtyn noticed and said, "Mom, your not a superhero, you are driving too fast!". I just laughed and said, "I'm not huh?". She said, "no, daddy is the superhero, he drives really fast!".

Yes, it's true... he does. It cracks me up that my three year old noticed though. So, after a few more minutes of superhero status Ashtyn said, "mom, you are a superhero now, you are zooming!".
Well, I guess I have made it... at least according to a three year old. (: