Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two More Weeks....

Well, I had my ultrasound on Friday (the one I have been waiting for for two weeks) and unfortunately the placenta has NOT moved. So.... I have to stay in the hospital. I know, bummer! I was really looking forward to going home. Oh, and to top it all off, my neighbor friend ( a girl right next door to me that has placenta previa too and I know all about even though we have never met) went into labor (or had an episode) that same night and had her c-section! I couldn't believe she deserted me after all this time together.... I mean, I was a week further along than her, so I was supposed to leave her. Oh the nerve!! Well, I am going to miss her though and now I am all alone in my little hallway with my own nurse who keeps telling me that I am making her life too easy.

I do have some good news though. I have a set date for my c-section. It will be on June 25th. So it's not all bad, at least in two weeks I will have a baby to take home with me. And today I only have twelve more days left. I can do that right? What's two more weeks?

I am getting to the end of my good books and nothing on tv is very interesting to me anymore. So, I'm running out of ideas to keep me busy. If you have any good books that you have read lately, I would love some ideas. I asked my doctor yesterday if I am allowed to take a little stroll in a wheel chair when my kids come to visit and she said yes. I get thirty minutes every three days or so to ride around the hospital. I know that may not sound too exciting to you, but when you have been stuck in one room for eight weeks, it's the best news I can get... well almost the best.

There are a few advantages to being on bed rest. First of all, my veins are so much better. For those of you who don't know, I have terrible vericose veins and with each pregnancy they just get worse and worse and so uncomfortable. But, with this pregnancy they have been awesome and hardly even bother me. The other great thing is I don't have marshmallow feet. Yes, my feet actually look normal and maybe I won't even grow a shoe size this time... wouldn't that be great?

I was talking to a friend the other day that helped me remember the good things in pregnancy and since this will be our last baby (unless divine revealation comes into play) then this will be the last time I will be pregnant. For as much as I complain and would love to have it over, I was glad to be reminded of that. I do love feeling my little baby kicking and moving inside me. It's pretty amazing what our bodies can do, so I'm trying to appreciate these last couple of weeks even though I am getting almost no sleep at night and I could go on and on, but I'll save it for another blog.

Okay, the most exciting thing that has happened in the past week is that my little Raegan is potty trained! Yes, I mean all the way. I actually started training her a few days before I went on bed rest, and then realized that it might be too hard for me, so we put her in pull ups and hoped she would learn slowly. She did really well the first couple of weeks and even though she had accidents every once in a while, she was learning. Then I went into the hospital, so we pretty much gave up encouraging her. But, she just kept getting better and better at going, so just this last week my mom took her pull ups off and left her in panties and she has been amazing! She is done now and hardly ever has an accident and I couldn't be happier.... I am so relieved that I won't have two kids in diapers when I come home. That was the easiest potty training I have ever done... (: Thank you mom and Brian!


Brenda said...

Just two more weeks - you can do that!!! I know this has been a long, hard pregnancy for you, but you have been such a trooper. We are all anxiously waiting for this little miracle to arrive. We want pictures posted ASAP when she arrives. We all send our love.

Dawn said...

yay! June 25th is Teiges 8th birthday, it's a great day to have a baby

Hules said...

Hey, June 25th Is just a week away! You're coming down the home stretch.

We have a family recital planned that night. We'll be thinking of you!

Cami said...

Congrats on the potty training from afar! Wow!

You can make it! I'm sure it's very annoying to be on bedrest. But I DO remember the swelling you got! I'll bet you're happy to not have to deal with that.